Caylee and Lee

How We Met

Lee and I met in our 9th grade science class in 2009 since we sat in alphabetical order. I had the biggest crush on him as soon as I met him! Little did I know, he also had a crush on me. We instantly became friends and talked nonstop. Since we were both in gymnastics, we always had a lot to talk about. During our 10th grade year, Lee decided to be the “manager” of my high school gymnastics team. Which I eventually found out was because he just wanted to spend more time with me. Even though we both liked each other for a long time, we we’re oblivious to each others feelings. In 2011, my best friend took the jump and told Lee about my massive crush on him. Lee asked me out exactly a week after that and we have been dating ever since.

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After we graduated high school in 2013, Lee and I had already been dating for two years when he was accepted into the United Sates Military Academy in West Point, New York. I was accepted into a school in southern Minnesota, so we decided we would make a long distance relationship work since there was no way we were going to break up. After the first year of Lee being in the military, we knew that we could make it through anything. We went through so many new challenges like not being able to see, or even talk to each other for weeks. We even had a period of time where we were just allowed to communicate through written letters (which in my opinion, was so romantic). Going through this made our relationship much stronger and made us closer than we had ever been. A couple of days before the proposal, Lee surprised me with news of him getting leave to come home to Minnesota for two days. We had not seen each other for about 3 months before this, so I was over the moon excited with his new!

Since Lee doesn’t come home often, we created a tradition of going on a fancy date the last night before him going back to West Point. On his last day home, Lee suggested we go on a date in Minneapolis and walk around since it was a nice day. He took me to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis to look around and take some pictures before our dinner date. As soon as we got there, he walked me to the middle of the bridge. I was looking over the edge of the bridge when I turned around and saw him just smiling at me. He then got down on one knee and and recited the most loving full-hearted speech about the past 6 years of our relationship, and then popped the question!

Caylee and Lee's Engagement in Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis

Where to Propose in Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis

I was in tears and just so full of excitement! The surprises we not over yet. Afterwards, we made our way to the restaurant where he had my parents surprise me all the way from Georgia. The night was filled with so many happy tears, emotions and celebrations!

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