Caylee and Aaron

How We Met

I moved from Southern California to Colorado half way through my senior year of high school. Going from a huge city to a small town at that age in life was hard for me. But my family did the best they could to adjust. We started looking into local churches to find our new church home. We stumbled upon Crossroads Community Church, and I began going to the high school youth group every week. My first time there, some tall, quiet, dude came up and introduced himself. Aaron played for the high school worship team and after talking for a few minutes, we realized that we were both seniors at the same high school. Between classes and adventures during youth group, we became good friends fast.

We graduated high school together, and over the summer we started volunteering with the middle school youth group together. Aaron started taking me on little “dates” to different things in Colorado that didn’t exist back in California. I had a sneaking suspicion that he might have been falling for me, but it wasn’t until that November when he came clean and admitted his feelings. I surprisingly turned him down at first. I was trying to get over past relationships left behind in Cali, so I didn’t feel like I was ready. We continued to spend time together and even prayed about what God had planned for us. A few weeks and multiple long talks later, we both decided to pursue each other and see where God would take our relationship. Little did we know, after almost six years of dating later, we’d be getting married.

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For about a year leading up to the proposal, I had started becoming incredibly suspicious of everything. I’m usually excellent at figuring out surprises (which I think has become more of a curse than anything), and I was trying desperately to not spoil anything for myself. On the day of the proposal, good friends of ours (who were already engaged) invited us to help take their engagement photos for them up in Castlewood Canyon State Park. That morning I woke up in the worst mood possible, and really didn’t want to do much that day. But I was already pretty involved in their wedding planning, and I knew Aaron loved adventuring around Castlewood, so I decide to come along.

We spent about an hour taking photos of our engaged friends in various spots along the trail we were hiking. At that point we reached a neat rock outcropping where we decided to stop and take a short break. Everyone we were with then started insisting on taking photos of Aaron and I just for the fun of it. I was dressed more for hiking that day, so being photographed was not something I really wanted to happen. But they insisted and I went along with it. After a few minutes of cheesy couple photos, Aaron suggested taking a perspective shot with him standing behind me. We kept that pose for a little while, and as soon as I turned around, there he was, down on one knee. It took me a few seconds to register what was happening, but it wasn’t long til I was a sobbing mess. After a minute or so of me crying in Aaron’s arms, the rest of our closest friends popped up from behind the rocks to congratulate us!

After I had stopped crying, Aaron revealed the entire plan they had been scheming for months. Our friend’s “engagement shoot” was all a ruse to let down my guard and focus on them instead of things Aaron could have possibly been planning. For the past few weeks everyone, even my own family, had been lying to me. They told me how close I actually got to finding out their plans, but thank the Lord I never actually caught on to the proposal scheme. But that wasn’t the end to the surprise. We drove back to my house only to find that both of our families had planned an awesome engagement party for us. It really was the best day ever, or at least until our wedding. :)

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