Cayla and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met about 6 years ago when I attempted to slide tackle him in soccer at a Youth Conference. We have been friends ever since. Then in January 2016, he came home from his mission for our church and when he walked into our bible study class I was like “Wow, he got more attractive! A mission did him good”. The next day, we got lunch together and that following weekend we had our first date, as well as our first kiss.

how they asked

Spencer proposed to me on June 11th in Charleston, SC. I knew we would be getting engaged soon, but I had no idea when or where. It was a total surprise. Two of my best friends and I decided that we would take a girls trip to the beach for a day. My best friend, Mariah, is a photographer and she told us she wanted to do a Hawaiian theme photo shoot of us girls. They had gotten a coral dress with white flowers on it and a white flower headband for me, so I could look like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. For those of you who don’t know me, Lilo and Stitch is my favorite movie ever and I am obsessed with it. So when we were doing pictures on the beach, my fiance Spencer, paddle boarded up to the beach in a Stitch costume to surprise me and asked me to marry him. It was definitely a magical day!

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Special Thanks

Mariah Horonzy
 | Photographer