Cayla and Josh

Image 1 of Cayla and JoshHow We Met: I met Marty for the first time in 5th grade. I don’t remember much about him besides the fact that I thought he was a little annoying. We always played soccer at recess, and we were always on opposite teams because I considered him my biggest competition. When we started junior high I started to have a crush on him. We started dating at the end of my freshman year. A lot of people looked down on us for dating in high school. They thought we were never going to work out, and at the time we didn’t know if we were going to either; but we knew we really liked each other and that we had something special. We grew up together and some of our best memories are from high school. We wouldn’t have traded those times for anything. I can’t wait to marry my high school sweet heart!

how they asked: On Friday, August 22nd Marty told me he wanted to borrow a friend’s tandem bike (2 seater bike) and take it for a ride. We planned to go when I got off work on the 25th of August. This seemed perfectly normal to me because that sounded like something we would do. So, Monday came around and my dad had asked me to pick up some things from the grocery store after work. I told Marty I would just be a little bit because I had to go to the store and I took Rachel Stenson (one of my co-workers) with me. So, of course we had to get junk food while we were there and we ended up eating in my car. While we were eating, my phone kept going off about texts from Marty. They read, “OK I just pumped up the tires. When will you be home?” etc. I said bye to Rachel and head home. As I come around the corner to my house I see a man almost in the middle of the road riding a TWO person bike. I think to myself, “who is the dork riding a……oh…..” I laughed and rolled down the window and told him I would see him at home. I could tell he was way too thrilled about this bike. He helped me bring in the things from the grocery store and I start my traditional raiding of the refrigerator. He keeps telling me to hurry up and get changed. I told him it was really hot outside and I suggested just waiting until evening when it’s cooler. He said he wanted to go now because he was excited. All of this was completely normal to me. Anytime Marty is excited about something he rushes to get it done. Finally, I was changed and we are on the bike and I wanted pictures! I get my younger sister to take some of us, but then the lighting was bad. I made us move to the shade and of course we had to do different posses. All of this was killing him because he was on a time frame ;) but I had no idea!!

Now we are on the road to the friendship bridge at Aumiller park. I`m basically yelling at him the whole way telling him he’s going too fast, telling him he is making us almost crash, etc. We finally get to the bridge and are coming down the pretty path that leads up the the bridge. We are about half way and I look over and see Adam Knapp. (Adam is a professional photographer, and a friend of my family) I said, “Oh! Marty, look! its Adam!” You wanna stop by and say hi!” I guess he didn’t have a choice because I already stopped the bike and was walking towards him. I just figured Adam was doing a photography shoot there. I also noticed he had a gorgeous German shepherd pup on a leash which also reeled me in. As we were walking up I asked Adam what kind of photography shoot he was doing and he said an engagement session and the couple was doing an outfit change up at the bathrooms. So, I asked if we could pet what I thought was their dog. All of this was completely believable! I had no idea what was going on!

I kneel down to pet the dog and I see a tag that says “Cayla Smith” This still wasn’t registering in my brain. I thought Adam must have borrowed the leash from my house and the tag was a reminder to give it back to me. Then I thought, “but wait, Adam never asked me to borrow it.” This was my thought process for about 2 seconds when I hear Marty ask me, “What is that?” Then I kinda knew what was going on. I open it up and it said “Will you marry me?” Marty got on his knee and held out the most gorgeous ring in a box and Adam stated capturing the moment. I said yes and he put the ring on my finger!!! I was freaking out!!

Image 2 of Cayla and Josh

Marty and I always wanted a German shepherd for our first dog, but we couldn’t find them anywhere! Marty introduced me to our first dog he named Hunter. We sat down and started playing with him as I was trying not to cry. I started asking questions like when did he get the dog, and how he came up with the whole idea. Adam was still taking pictures and Marty also pointed to a video camera that captured the whole thing. Adam got some pictures of us holding Hunter and we said bye and thanked him for being able to capture our engagement. We sat there for a while and talked. I wanted to know all the details! His parents met up with us at the top of the friendship bridge and congratulated us. They took Hunter in their car back to my house. Marty and I rode the bike back to my house, but before we left he grabbed my hand and told me he wanted to pray. So while we were sitting on the bike he asked God to bless our upcoming marriage and to guide us on this new journey!!

Photography and videography by Adam Knapp