Cayla and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met on a cruise 4 years ago. One-month prior, his dad passed away from Leukemia and cruise vacations were a loved family activity, so what better way for his family to celebrate his life. I was a senior in college and on a spring break cruise with four of my best college friends. Jordan and I bumped into each other (doing “the wobble”) on the first night of the cruise and have been together since.

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how they asked

In November we found out that my mom has stage 2 breast cancer. As a result, we decided that we would spend the weekend before Christmas with his family and Christmas weekend with my family. While visiting his family, we went to the cemetery to pay his dad a visit. His mother and brother had previously told us that when they visit the grave, a deer always lingers nearby. As we pulled into the cemetery, we drove past a giant chalkboard that said “Before I Die I want to______________.” We decided to stop at the board on our way out. As we were placing the flowers at his grave, Jordan noticed a deer a few hundred yards away watching us. As we stood looking at his dad’s grave he motioned towards the headstone and said “my past,” and then looked at me and said, “my future.” We got back into the car and drove to the board and Jordan suggested that we each write our own and not peek until the end.

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So I walked to one side of the board and Jordan to the other. I wrote, “Before I die I want to… see my mom beat cancer and marry my best friend.” It was so cold that we could barely get our fingers to work in order to write on the darn thing. After what seemed like forever out in the cold, he came over and looked at mine and then walked me towards what he had written. I saw as I was walking closer that he had written, “Before I die I want to… marry you, Cayla.” I looked at him and he had pulled a ring box from out of his coat and was getting down on one knee in the snow. He asked me to marry him in the cemetery, with the deer looking on from the tree line the entire time.

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