Cayla and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I met our freshman year of college and immediately became close friends. You could find us making “redneck hot tubs” in the back of our friend JC’s truck on a hot day or going two stepping in our boots by night with all of our friends. We continued making great memories as we grew in our friendship during the first 2 years of college. We went on our first date our Junior year of college on Valentine’s Day!

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Just weeks before Grant had asked me on our date, I remember having this overwhelming feeling out of the blue that Grant and I were supposed to be more than friends. So when he asked me on our first date, I knew that the strong feeling I had weeks before was a peace directly from the Lord. Grant had always been the person I knew I could depend on and the one I always wanted to have by my side, but little did I know our friendship would grow into something so much deeper!

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how they asked

The most joyful day, December 2, 2017, Grant Holmes asked me to be his WIFE!

A little backstory: Grant told me that he had gotten extra tickets for a Baylor basketball game, and he asked me if my family and I would like to join his family at the game. I was living in Houston at the time and had a big exam coming up the following week, so I was a little nervous about making the drive up to Waco, Texas. I am so thankful the day actually happened, because the week leading up to it I was very back and forth about going! Thankfully, Grant and my entire family kept their cool. My family informed me that regardless what I chose to do they’d understand, but they were still going to the game without me! Well, that was the perfect thing to say because it COMPLETELY threw me off! I figured that an engagement couldn’t possibly happen if they were fine with me not coming! I ended up making a deal that I would come if I could study in between the game and dinner.

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After the basketball game, Grant’s family wanted to run by Magnolia Market and my dad suddenly had to go to Lowe’s to pick up ant killer or something random… yet I remained oblivious! Grant told me we could go to a coffee shop so I could study a bit before meeting up for dinner with our families. On the way to the coffee shop, Grant somehow managed to convince me that I didn’t really need to study and that he would love to just catch up and spend time talking. This is extremely impressive, because if you know me, not much can interfere with my studying if I had already set my mind to do it. Grant is the most persuasive, and can convince me of pretty much anything! (#prosales) As we continued driving to the coffee shop, I started to notice we were going in the completely wrong direction. However, I am TERRIBLE with directions. When I asked Grant if he was sure this was the right way, he calmly responded that we were just taking the “scenic route”, and I didn’t give it another thought!

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Once we got to the top of Waco’s beautiful Cameron Park, I knew it was safe to assume we definitely wouldn’t be getting any coffee out there. Grant walked me out to our favorite spot where we spent many afternoons hammocking and having picnics when we both lived in Waco. It was “our spot” and it couldn’t have been more thoughtful of him to propose at a place that holds so many sweet memories together there. I couldn’t stop shaking with joy and excitement as Grant proposed. I’m pretty sure I said “YES” about 10 times before he even asked me to marry him!

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After he proposed, some of our close friends popped out of the bushes to celebrate with us in the moment! It was so sweet to have them there, and our photographer was even a close friend of ours! We got back in the car and “headed to meet our families for dinner”, but instead he took me back to my brother’s house where he had planned a surprise engagement party with our families and close friends who had traveled from all over! We had friends come all the way to Waco from Galveston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Lufkin, and even the state of Missouri! We felt so incredibly loved by everyone there, and I didn’t want the night to end! We even capped the night off with a late night run to Whataburger, which only seemed like the right thing to do on the most special night ;)

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We could not be more excited about what the Lord has done in our lives and all that He has in store for us as we enter this new season of engagement and marriage!

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Special Thanks

Ryan Clements
 | Photographer