Cattie and Lance

Wedding Proposal Ideas in White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

How We Met

We met in February 2011 at the University of Oklahoma. He was 18 and a freshman, I was 19 and a sophomore. I was studying with one of his fraternity pledge brothers, and this cute, dark haired, blue eyed boy comes in to study with him. We start to small talk and realize that we are in the same Government class. I had surgery over Christmas break and was in a cast and on crutches, so I had a faculty parking pass and a handicap sticker, and offered to drive him to class. Those short drives turned into “text me laters,” and those texts turned into hanging out. We officially began dating in May 2011, then a 19 year old and a 20 year old. We’ve now been dating for a little over six and a half years.

how they asked

We got our puppy, Harper, August 26th, 2017, and I knew that I wanted to do Christmas cards as our new “family.” One of Lance’s friends from high school, Peyton, is a super talented photographer and took our photos will we were in Oklahoma City for a wedding in late September. We still hadn’t received our photos a couple of months later, so the Monday after Thanksgiving, I texted Peyton asking if our photos were ready. She replied with a long message, apologizing for her hard drive crashing and therefore losing the pictures. She was quick to tell me that she had a fix; she was going to be in Dallas shooting a wedding on December 1st, and would be able to meet us somewhere in Dallas to redo the photos, free of charge. I texted Lance with the screenshot from Peyton and said, are you okay with this? He said that he was, which I thought was a little strange because we were going to the Big XII Championship, Boomer Sooner, that morning and who knows what kind of shape we would be in when we were to meet her at 4:30pm. Fast forward to the day of the game, we tailgated and did the normal game day activities. I continued to drink beer, and Lance was chugging water, which is VERY uncharacteristic of him.

OU won the Big XII Championship and we set off to pick up Harper and head to White Rock Lake, the location that Peyton and I decided upon. She had sent me two marked locations, one to park and one at which to meet her. We parked and I didn’t see her car, so I called her. She said that she was at the location and to keep walking until we saw her. Little did I know, the walk was almost half of a mile from where we parked, so I was getting a little annoyed. We got to the dock that we agreed upon, and there was a group of people standing off the path and a photographer.

Annoyed again, I told Lance that we needed to hurry because it was clear that we were interrupting someone’s photo session. We began walking to the dock even though Peyton was nowhere to be found, and there were rose petals on the dock! I looked over and there was a set up that said “will you marry me, ___?”

The name on the set up was not mine, so even more annoyed, I told Lance we REALLY needed to make this snappy because I was not going to ruin someone’s engagement. He grabbed my hand and said that this was not a make up shoot, and got down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

I blacked out so I do not remember what all was said, but I do remember asking, “what would you have done if we lost!?” He said that he would have figured it out, but to turn around. He had hired another photographer, Corbin, because Peyton really was shooting another wedding, but in OKC.

So Corbin did a proposal shoot, Harper included, and I received my dream ring. Before we left for our original “Christmas card shoot,” we had agreed to meet the folks at dinner with whom we were at the game. We walked into HG Sply Co and my three best friends had planned a surprise engagement party. My family had driven up from Houston, and Lance’s family had driven down from Oklahoma City. We had friends from childhood, and mutual friends from college there to celebrate with us. The photos that Peyton had taken for our original Christmas shoot were NOT gone, and a few were printed out for display/decoration at our engagement paty! He had planned the exact type of proposal that I have dreamed about since I was young, and now I get to be a Young. I cannot wait to officially be a part of the family that took me in as a 19 year old and marry the guy that had been my sidekick for almost 7 years!

Special Thanks

Corbin Greer
Peyton Byford