Catilin and Maxwell

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How We Met

I had known Max for about 5 years through mutual friends, truth be told when I first saw him I decided I hated him. I was quick to judge a book by its cover. I wrote him off as your typical guy, who was extremely full of himself (even if he was really really cute). Max attempted to ask me out several times and without fail every time I turned him down. It wasn’t until he moved in with one of my closest guy friends that I got the chance to actually know Max and realize how he was the exact opposite of the guy I thought he was. He was sweet, charming & actually had many of the same interests I did. Including but not limited too Game of Thrones. Max continued to pursue me but I had to keep turning him down due to complicated “girl code” reasons. Finally, I had enough. We had been emailing for a few weeks. I sent him a list of all the reasons I could not date him ready to put an end to this nonsense. Expecting him to understand, I was surprised as Max’s email back. “These are all great reasons…. let’s discuss over dinner.” & the rest is history :)

how they asked

After months of planning a trip to San Francisco, we landed in the beautiful city to visit Max’s sister and Aunt. Our first day there was magical. We did typical touristy things like go visit Golden Gate Park & eat hoagies in the park. That night Max’s sister told us, we were all going to dinner at 7. We even got her roommate’s convertible BMW to cruise on down to dinner. Since we arrived, Julie (Max’s sister) promised she’d take Cait to the beach so on the way to dinner we stopped. Mind you all day had been slightly overcast but the second we headed to the beach the sky opened up and sun was shining down bright. The three of us stopped down at Baker Beach, which was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. On one side of the beach you can see the whole city and on the other side you get a perfect view of Golden Gate bridge. Basically, the beach is picture perfect! I was taking pictures of Max and his sister when I asked Julie take a picture of Max & I.

It was perfect, the Golden Gate bridge was in the background we had the perfect shot. When all the sudden a naked man (lone solider) started walking towards us. Little did, I know that Baker Beach was also a nude beach. This man had absolutely no shame coming towards us as we were trying to take a picture. I couldn’t help but to giggle as we waited for him to pass by. When we turned around for the picture I realized the man was on his way back and I whispered to Max “ut oh here he comes”. Max replied, “Well, I better do this now then!” And dropped down to one knee and proposed to me.

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I had no idea and could not even fathom what had just happened. The only thing I knew was YES!!! If the night wasn’t perfect enough. His sister dropped us off at dinner at the Cliff House, which I found out later this was all part of the plan! Max’s parents had spent their honeymoon in San Francisco and even dined at the very same restaurant we were that night! We sat at a table overlooking the sunset on the ocean, where we saw a whale pass by (how cool?) and where Max had 24 red roses placed for me, with a card that said “Cait I love you so much I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Love Max”.The perfect way to end the perfect day!!

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