Catie and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met at a community group our senior year of college. I went with a friend and saw him there, shook his hand, and had a secret crinkle (an almost crush) form rather quickly. Without knowing it at the time, we both didn’t want to date during that season of our life, but as the end of the semester came along, and after many “non-date” hang-outs, Michael asked me to dinner! I said yes, and gave him a high five because I think that’s what I do when I get nervous. Later on that night, we were hanging out with some mutual friends and he said “I’d like to do that again sometime.” I blushed…and he won’t let that die- how hard I blushed. I said, “me too,” and again with the high five… nonetheless we were smitten with each other from the beginning!

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how they asked

As I rode to a happy hour “dinner” with a few of my dearest friends, a proposal was completely not on my radar. In the car, I’m talking my friends’ ears off about nails and music and everything under the sun until my friend says “Hmm, I think we are lost.” My first thought is darn– because happy hour would be over in the next 4 minutes. But then we slowly pull up to a rustic house and park. ”Oh, are we there?”, I asked. My friend turns around with an ear-to-ear grin, “Nooo…”. Still not catching on I say, “Okay…so why are we stopped?”

The next few words shared were matched with a hand to my heart, tears on all of our cheeks, laughs from our bellies, and an eager “what do I do??!!” My friend looked at me and said, “Catie, it’s happening.” “Oh my gosh…what’s happening…Lauren, what’s happening!?” Quickly my friend in the passenger seat extends her arm with a letter Michael had written me after our first date that carried hopeful words of being in this exact ‘It’s actually happening’ moment. “Catie, it’s really happening!”

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They led me to a greenhouse dressed with 200 roses, a table carrying 35 more letters Michael had written me throughout our relationship, and a handsome man with tears in his eyes.

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Before I knew it, he was on a knee, I was pinching myself, and it was, indeed, the happiest hour of my life!

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Michael: Nearing the end of the long road of planning and coordinating the proposal I found myself standing in a greenhouse waiting on the woman I love. Shaking in my boots I turned to see her walk around the corner entering the property. All my macho manliness evaporated as the tears just started to flow. There she was. The woman I would spend the rest of my life with.

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I met her at the entrance and we walked back to to the area I had set up with roses and some letters I had written her throughout our relationship but kept in hopes of this moment. We hugged and held each other for a minute while I tried to get it together. Finally I cleared my eyes and attempted to communicate to her the depth of the love I carry for her. I got down on a knee before her, reached in my pocket, pulled out the ring, and asked her to marry me. SHE SAID YES. This is only the beginning!

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