Catie and Christian


How We Met

Christian and I went to high school together but only went on a few dates because we both had other boyfriends/girlfriends. We both did, although have a secret crush on one another and our junior year we went on a few dates, had lots of fun (got to know each other a little) and really liked each other, but we had to do it in secret because we both had flings with other people! Lets just say the boy I dated didn’t like Christian very much and his girl didn’t like me… Haha… He told me I was the only girl he couldn’t talk to in high school because he was intimidated by me and thought I was too cool… Paleaasseee…

Fast forward a couple years, Christian came home from his mission in Peru and texted me the day after he got home to go on a date. I would say that is some persistence!! (He got home Wednesday, we went on a date that Friday)

Our first date was so much fun! We went to Station Park and ate at Johnny Rockets and laughed our heads off! He actually kissed me that night in the car at my house when he took me home. Things just really hit off from there!! I know this sounds cliché but me and Christian have this deep connected that I’ve never had with any other guy. We have the same sarcastic sense of humor and are always joking and having fun. He is also the hottest guy in the world and every girl in high school was in love with him… So maybe it was a good thing we were never really official in high school..


We dated for about 5 months before he proposed. I know that sounds like a really short amount of time, but we knew each other before and really got to know each other those 5 months we dated. I don’t think I have been so honest and real in a relationship. People think that its dumb to get married fast and that men/women just like the idea of marriage but once they are married things get hard and change, but to be honest, I am most excited for when I can go through life struggles together and do life with another person! I want the good and the bad and I expect it!! Christian is taking a marriage and relationship class that has actually really helped our relationship get closer and we understand each other so well! Its hard to grow up different and expect the same wants and goals, its just unrealistic and there is always needed sacrifice on both ends.


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The proposal was so cute and really unexpected.. He told me he got the ring but it wasn’t coming until Thursday, but he really got it on that Monday before he proposed to me!! Little sneaky! I actually really do like surprises! He invited me to a “work party” in Provo canyon (like who has work parties in Provo canyon?!) but I was so naïve haha. When I got there (around 2pm) I met him in the parking lot and to my surprise no one was there! As I asked a million questions like why was he dressed up and why was no one here he led me beyond a bridge of rose petals to a cute table with pictures and flowers, pictures hung from the trees and the boxed ring!! He wrote the cutest poem and then said the sweetest things and asked me to marry him!!! I said……. Yes haha

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So as of right now we have the venues booked, found our photographer, I got my dress, have our honeymoon planned, and we actually have a really nice townhouse with a pool and gym that I’m going to start living in starting December! I am so happy and so extremely happy for this time in my life! Thanks for reading xoxo- Catie


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