Cathy and Ricky


How We Met

We met way back in college and got close at a coffee shop near school where we went after class. We virtually were strangers at first but we slowly got to know each other. From a few hi’s and hello’s, it went to helping each other on homework, to sharing funny jokes, then keeping each other’s secrets and finally us looking forward to sharing a cup of coffee together


how they asked

I took a lot of things from our relationship to make the proposal special and very uniquely ‘us’. I reserved a cafe for the event as we met and got close in a coffee shop. Then I used to write to her on post-its so I placed those around the cafe for her to find and also sticked a bunch on the wall which covers a whole lot of photos from our travels and adventures over the years. I’ve got my friends to help decorate the place with some letterings and lights to make it feel very special and finally I got a crew to film the entire thing.

She came to the cafe thinking we’ll just have a regular dinner. I asked her to go ahead as I purposedly left my wallet in the car. I popped out of the tv screen and sent her to find clues which are post-its placed around the cafe. This leads her to the wall which has post-its that covers a lot of our photos.


As she looks at those, my friends one by one walked up to her with boards saying ‘will you cathy have coffee and everything else with me, ricky, for the rest of our lives’. She tears up and I come out with flowers, did my speech and asked for her hand. She said yes :)



Our Video

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Special Thanks

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Video (Proposal)
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