Cathy and Miguel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Corpus Christi, TX

How We Met

I met Miguel at a small cell phone company that we both used to work for named Pocket Communications. Our story wasn’t the typical love at first sight story. We instantly disliked each other but our manager at the time scheduled us together every single day. Somehow over time, our dislike for each other turned into a strong friendship. We were best friends who told each other anything and everything. We secretly became a couple and managed to slip away for a vacation together to Corpus Christi. We were young with not a lot of money and stayed at probably the worst hotel ever. Yet, this was the best vacation of our lives! As the years went by Corpus became our go-to getaway location. Whenever times were tough we went there to remind us of how it all started.

Cathy and Miguel's Engagement in Corpus Christi, TX

Proposal Ideas Corpus Christi, TX

how they asked

One day Miguel wanted to get away for the weekend with his daughter. She was 4 when I met her and was 12 by this time. Not thinking anything of it I agreed without hesitation. When we got to Corpus we went to our normal spots and then went to our normal spot on the beach.

His daughter Angelina asked if she could build a sandcastle further up on the beach since we were closer to the water. She said she wanted to build something for me. Once she was done she called me and Miguel up and written was “will you marry us” in the sand. As I turned around and looked for Miguel he was down on one knee with the ring.

All those years ago when we were just friends I had told him that I loved heart shaped diamonds and to my surprise, he remembered. Everything about the proposal was absolutely perfect.

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