Cathy and Michael

Image 1 of Cathy and Michael

how we met: we met while we were students at the hospital. we were constantly helping the same patients.. him doing respiratory treatments while i was shooting x-rays. we rarely exchanged words but when we did.. he was asking about a coworker of mine whom he thought had nice eyes. little did he know, she wears colored contacts.. so the following day, i came into work with my own pair of colored contacts with fake eyelashes.. just so he would notice me. i guess you can say it worked.

how they asked: my mom (obliviously) mentioned that michael (my fiancé) was going to come over to “ask me and dad something.” instantly, i knew what that “something” was & became upset that one of the most anticipated surprised moment in my life had been ruined because my mom truly had no idea what was about to happen..

fast forward a little bit, michael assured me that he was only going to ask my parents for permission to marry me so that he is certain that they will be okay with it before he actually starts planning for our future.. & well, i fell for it. (although, at that moment, i was going to expect something to happen every time we went out on a date!)

well, he had me fooled. he contacted my best friend from sf & planned the proposal on a day that she was going to be in town.. she had a wedding to attend & it worked out perfectly. so literally a few days after the ruined surprised.. my best friend was staying over & had asked me to take her to a floral shop to pick up some flowers for her uncle’s wedding that she was attending. michael offered to drive us & as we’re nearing our arrival.. i get blindfolded.

my heart was racing. i didn’t want to assume. i was honestly wondering what was going on. i’m thinking, he had just told me, he’s just starting to save up! he told me it wasn’t going to be until later… noooooo. it couldn’t be. & well, it was.

what happens next was the surprise of my life….