Cathy and Michael

how we met

We met in our Senior year of high school. We had anatomy together but didn’t really start talking until powerlifting season for me began. He said he fell in love with my “deadlifting form”…his words not mine! Lol! Our friend Alex, whom I ran Cross Country with was the one that gave my number to him, and it was all history from there!

how they asked

He proposed on June 16, 2019 on Lake Louise. All of our family and friends knew about it, and he had asked my parents permission a week before we left for Canada! It was a complete surprise to me! I had turned away for a second to look at the beautiful scenery and when I turned back around he was gone! I looked down and all I saw was him on his knee asking me to marry him! I laughed at first cause I couldn’t believe it but shortly after blubbered like a baby.My family had booked our tickets for Canada in November 2018 so he was already planning it, but his original idea was actually Disneyworld! However, once he saw the pictures of where we would be going in Canada he planned to propose at Lake Louise instead. Before we left for our trip, he made sure I had my nails done (I always have my nails done when we go on trips), however, on the car ride to Lake Louise my polish had a little chip on them and so I proceeded to pick off ALL my nail polish so by the time he proposed I had no more polish on my nails! It was an oopsie moment!

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