Cathy and Christian

Proposal 5How We Met: It all started back in junior year of high school… I was 17 and he was 19.  He was in a rock band and I was friends with one of his band members.  We had just gone through break ups recently but our mutual friend thought it would be a good idea to introduce us to each other. I was invited to their band practice one day with no intentions of looking for anything but a friendship when meeting him.

The first moment I saw him, he was walking out of his house with a toothbrush in his mouth; he still laughs about his first impression to this day.  I hung out with the band throughout the day and noticed I had butterflies in my stomach when we went to a music store and he and I had gotten some time to talk.  There was something about him that made me want to get to know him more.

After that night, I just knew I had to find a way to get his number. We became friends on Facebook and started talking through there.  I didn’t want it to end so I was planning to lie and say that I had to get off the computer, but we can still text if I get his number.  Before I could say anything he had to leave!  He must have had the same idea because he gave me his number before leaving.  Now I know I shouldn’t have texted him right away, but I couldn’t wait to talk to him so I caved and sent a text saying, “Guess who? ;p” and the rest is history!

how they asked: May 9, 2015 marked our 5 year anniversary of dating so we decided to go big!  We had originally planned to have a photo shoot done along with a fancy dinner that night, but the lovely Texas rainy weather caused us to change our plans.  We settled on going to a painting/BYOB class and then going to downtown Fort Worth for a nice dinner.  I mentioned that I had a little anniversary gift for him and he said he had a small surprise for me as well and that we could exchange them at the end of the night.  I’ve been having a hunch that he would propose soon, but my mind was set on July so nothing even crossed my mind.

Throughout the day, I would jokingly say little remarks about things that had to do with proposals.  For example, our dinner was at a fondue restaurant so I jokingly said, “what if you hid my ring at the bottom of the chocolate fondue pot?” and he would just laugh it off and say that he would never put such an expensive piece of jewelry in a pot of melted chocolate.

After dinner, we walked over to a chocolate store that I had been wanting to visit every time we were in the city.  On the way over, we passed Sundance Square and the lights from above were lit blue and once again, I made a proposal remark saying, “Look! There are blue lights.  Did you have them change the lighting to match a Tiffany’s blue to propose to me under?” and he laughed and said, “Yeah, you know it!” sarcastically.  Little did I know… Haha..

Inside the chocolate store, I noticed he kept looking outside and checking his phone.  The day before, I saw that he was texting his friend, who’s a photographer, which had me wondering if his surprise was a mini photo shoot because we didn’t get to do a full one as planned.  So in my mind, I had his surprise figured out.  I was so sure of it!  We left the store and walked over to Sundance Square and I spotted his friend before he did and yelled, “Ha!  I knew this was the surprise!”

He quickly faced me towards him and started saying sweet things in a serious tone.  Caught off guard, I was fixing to get mad at him because I thought he was playing a joke on me.  It didn’t hit me that this was all truly happening until he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a box.

Proposal 1

He knelt down on one knee and I started crying so uncontrollably that I don’t recall much of what he said.  Even the word “yes” was hard to say because I couldn’t catch my breath.  I do remember getting the word out but he would argue otherwise.  Either way, I would blame the nerves because he was about to put it on the wrong hand!- Haha!

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

Proposal 4

Turns out, his friend had scouted out the setting the day before and said the blue lighting was best for pictures because the red lights were too dark.  The lights automatically change colors so it was up to him to time it just right.  Luckily, the blue lights were shining down on us when the moment came!  Although, my ring is not from Tiffany’s, the blue is still fitting because he got it from Blue Nile.

Ring 2

I am so blessed to have a man that understands me and loves me for who I am.  I’m a snoopy girl, so how he pulled off such a surprise is beyond me!  I later had to ask him to repeat what he said before I broke into tears…

Ring 3

“Babe, this has been an incredible day.  Not only that, but the past 5 years have been amazing.  You are my rock and my world.  I am so in love with you and I’m ready to start the next chapter in our lives.  Cathy Nguyen, will you marry me?”

Ring 4

Photos by: Ryan Pollack