Cathlyn and Michael

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

How We Met

I was flying home to Texas from a girls trip in NYC. I took the 4:00 am Southwest Airlines flight to Dallas that morning so I could make it on time for work. Still groggy, and slightly unhappy at the early wake-up call, I boarded the flight and saw a handsome guy sitting in the window seat of the exit row. Once I saw him, I decided to sit in the aisle seat, cause why not sit next to a hottie AND get extra leg space? I was positive I would soon fall asleep due to it being such an early flight, but another man had asked to sit in between us. Once the man sat down in the middle seat, he began to start a conversation with both of us. He introduced himself, he was a pastor from India who was visiting the city to start a new ministry with his family. We ended up talking us three for the whole flight about our faiths, families, childhood and current experiences. About two hours into the conversation, this cute guy and I had made the connection that his aunt and uncle live right next door to my family in Austin – WHAT?! The plane landed and we walked out together to baggage claim. After we parted our ways I texted my mom to tell her I met my husband. She obviously thought I was crazy and dramatic, but it turns out that Michael texted his sister the same thing, which we ended up confessing this to each other much later! We both had that “you know when you know” feeling on that flight and could tell something was different about this coincidence. A week after the flight, Michael ended up driving 6 hours from Lubbock to take me on our first date and the rest is history. We started officially dating soon after that, and ended up dating long distance for majority of the year due to him being a professional baseball player. Now Michael is back in Dallas with me and we are so excited to enjoy the offseason together in Texas!

How They Asked

My older sister who is a blogger gets me to attend and participate in multiple of her video/photoshoots for her blog. So… she had convinced me that we were doing a 2-day-long video shoot for a local hotel in Dallas, and of course, I bought it due to previous blogging sister support I have shown in the past! She had a manager at the hotel e-mail me a fake itinerary and got our photographer to take fake videos of us for this “commercial” we were filming for the hotel. I had packed a bag for the two days of filming and planned my outfits for all of the FAKE plans we made filming around Dallas. We had our first stop at a brunch spot in town and the photographer showed up and asked us to take all of these specific video shots, I was quite embarrassed due to the restaurant being crowded but wanted to be there to support my sister’s blog.

Where to Propose in Dallas, Texas

The next stop on our itinerary was at a museum near the Dallas airport. This museum showcases multiple planes, including the first Southwest plane – which is the airline Michael and I met on. The photographer wanted to get a video of us “boarding” a flight, so I listened and walked into the empty Southwest plane at the museum to find Michael standing there with a ring.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

I immediately burst into tears! I was so shocked and excited, it truly was the best moment of our lives! After he popped the question we walked to the front of the museum and both of our families were there to celebrate! He then surprised me afterward with a celebratory lunch at my favorite restaurant with our families and had multiple of my closest girlfriends there.

Cathlyn and Michael's Engagement in Dallas, Texas

Special Thanks

Chandler Hatchett
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Frontiers of Flight Museum
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