Cathleen and Neil


How We Met

Neil and I met through our church, Oakland Church, in Rochester Michigan. Neil is the current youth pastor there and I volunteered as a youth leader when I first started attending church there last fall. It wasn’t until Neil casually asked for my number [for youth leader purposes of course ;)] that I realized, he was interested in me. Few days later we had a three hour coffee date, which led to some spontaneous dates, which led to our first official date. I knew when he showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my doorstep that he was something special. Neil asked me to officially be his girlfriend after ice skating in downtown Detroit last November. He completely captured my heart that night. Detroit became a special place for us, and it became even more special on the day he asked me to marry him.

how they asked

On Saturday May 21st, Neil and I had made some casual plans to do some exploring that day. We love going on adventures and exploring new places. It was my idea to go to a Vintage Market near Detroit and to explore Belle Isle in Detroit after. I was under the impression that Neil had never been to Belle Isle in Detroit, so I was excited to show him the area. We drove around a bit on the island, stopped and took a few pictures, and then I told him we had to check out the Conservatory. I was giving Neil directions the whole time, again thinking he had never been there before. We walked through the Conservatory and after began casually walking towards the fountain in front of the Conservatory. I was just telling him on the way to the fountain how a lot of people get married in that area in front of the Conservatory and we had even saw a wedding party there earlier taking pictures. I saw rose petals in the fountain and in my mind thought that it was for the wedding earlier. When we turned the corner of the bushes by the fountain, I saw one of our friends laying in the grass with a camera. Then I saw the ring waiting on the fountain steps, and realized it was happening. I was completely surprised.



He led me to believe he had never been there before when actually he had been mapping out this place for the engagement all along. Our wonderful friends captured the moment for us (Thank you so much to Matt Sheehan, Melissa Sheehan, and Tim Frantz!) I was so excited and in shock that I didn’t even let him put the ring on me right away! It was perfect.


The moments captured was perfect, and the outfits were totally not planned to match! But I can’t wait to plan forever with my best friend.

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