Catherine and Xavier

how they asked:Image 1 of Catherine and XavierOn my 25th birthday,Xavier took me to my first Broadway play.Before that, he stopped in the middle of Times Square and asked if we wanted to get a caricature done of the both of us; so I said sure.

Little did I know that he had spoken to the artist a week before to preplan what she was going to draw. Finally, when the artist finished, she flipped the painting to show us her depiction of us and there we were, me in a wedding gown and my boyfriend (now husband) in a tux and in the middle were the words “Will You Marry Me?

Since I am a shy person, I didn’t know whether to be shocked or embarrassed (for being so clueless lol) so I just laughed and said “Yes!” Later, I found out my sister and future sister-in-law had disguised themselves and got the whole thing on camera.

It was amazing and definitely memorable. We got married 10 months later and lived happily ever after.