Catherine and Vincent

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How We Met

Vinnie and I really met when I first became friends with his younger sister, Stacey in 1996. We were in the same grade and he’s three years older than us. Stacey and I had taken a picture together at my first communion and her mom had it hanging on the fridge. Vinnie would get teased by his friends because everyone thought it was Vinnie dressed up like a girl.

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To this day people still say we look alike. Needless to say 10 year old Vinnie, hated 7 year old Katie. When I turned 16, I had a small party at my house, a few of my guy friends showed up and in comes Vinnie, all I could think was, ugh who brought Stacey’s brother. Fast forward to my first semester of college, Vinnie found me on Facebook…He had just joined the Marine Corps a few months earlier. We messaged each other on Facebook for months before he finally gave me his phone number, we talked every chance we got and when he came home on leave in July, we spent every possible minute together. When he got back to base, we talked every day for hours at a time. On July 19th 2009, after what felt like an hour of silence on the phone, Vinnie asked me to be his girlfriend. He came home as often as possible and we were attached at the hip each time. We parted ways but remained in touch, Vinnie was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and we wrote back and forth to each other. Once Vinnie came home we remained in touch here and there but unfortunately my head was elsewhere. I graduated college in 2012 and Vinnie finished his time in the Marine Corps. Long story short it took me two years to realize I should stop messing around and that Vinnie was truly the one I had been searching for. On June 13th, 2014 Vinnie asked again ‘So are we back together?’ And of course I said yes. Vinnie is my best friend, partner in crime and biggest supporter when it comes to my running. No matter what distance or where the race is, he always encourages me to for it.

how they asked

In February of 2015 Vin and I began discussing the idea of going to Disney so that I could run the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February 2017. I was so excited to be running the Glads Slipper Challenge, this was when you ran the 10k one day and half marathon the next, I also threw in the 5k ‘for fun’. My birthday is February 11th so Vin convinced me that this was going to be my birthday present and celebration. When we checked into the hotel a few days before the races, they gave me a happy birthday pin which I wore everywhere, having no clue that wasn’t the real reason we were there. While planning the trip, Vin insisted that we purchase the race retreat and platinum cheer squad packages so that we would have a place to meet after the final race and because it was my birthday and we should go all out. I went along with it because Vin is always big on making everything special and doing fun things. I kept telling all my friends and family that I had a feeling he might propose in Disney and if he did it would be the ultimate proposal to me and so fitting for the Disney lover that I am. We got to Disney and I was so extremely excited by every little thing and so excited to be on our very first vacation together! I told Vin that with his cheer squad access, he could stand by the castle to see me run through it. It was one of the most exciting things to me and I was really looking forward to it but he insisted that he had to be at the finish line and didn’t want to risk missing me. I didn’t want to pry so I just let it go, (Disney pun not intended). The first two races were awesome! I was really enjoying myself and continued to for the third race. I stopped at a few character stops and even got to take a picture with the glass slipper WHILE dressed as Cinderella, like hello?!? Total dream come true for this girl. Little did I know that all my dreams would come true at the finish line. I finished the race and was heading to the tent to find Vin, when he came into the tent. Little did I know that while I was taking my time and enjoying everything he was anxiously awaiting my arrival to pull off his plan! So, he comes rushing into the tent, dressed in a button up and cargo shorts saying that the princess posing for pictures was going to leave and we needed to take a picture. Vin always wears sweats to my races and I had already taken a picture with her before the race so I knew something was up. So I went along with it, he insisted we hand the cast member his phone and next thing I know he’s pulling out a glass slipper from his pocket and getting down on one knee.

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He said ‘ Since you’re dressed as Cinderella, you’ll need a glass slipper. Will you be my happy ever after?’ In the process the ring had fallen out of the slipper when he took it out of his pocket giving us a great story to tell our kids! I cried and shook uncontrollably. It was perfect! My Prince Charming proposed to me while I was dressed as Cinderella!! He even had a secret Instagram where he documented all the planning. Needless to say the trip was amazing and the staff helped him plan it perfectly!! … happily ever after starts now!

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