Catherine and Steve

How We Met

Steve and I met in our senior year at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN through a mutual friend group.It just so happened that Steve was rooming with a few of my dance major friends who lived in an apartment above mine, which was nicknamed “the Inn.” Every Sunday, my friends and I would go to “the Inn” to watch the TV show “The Walking Dead.” Who ever would have thought that watching a story about a zombie apocalypse could be so romantic!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL

Being a dance major, I never would have thought I would meet a business finance major/ army rotc cadet that loved dance as much as Steve. After Steve attended all 8 shows of Butler Ballet’s “The Nutcracker,” I finally hinted that he should probably take me on a date. When Steve showed up with flowers and a box of chocolates on our first date, I knew he was going to be special.

Catherine and Steve's Engagement in Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL

how they asked

It all began with a surprise trip to Discovery Cove while vacationing in Florida. To my surprise, Steve, made my dream come true of swimming with dolphins. Little did I know this had been planned for months. When the time came for Steve and I to swim with the dolphins, I was so excited I didn’t want it to end. Luckily, I was chosen to be part of a new trick the dolphin trainers were testing out. I was instructed to put my hands out and grab what the dolphin brought me. After a few moments of anticipation, the dolphin swam over and gave me a buoy saying “Catherine, Will you marry me?”

I was so shocked and happy that Steve had planned the perfect proposal that I couldn’t think of the words to say. After Steve got down on one knee in the water and asked me to marry him, I had only one answer and that was a yes! I couldn’t think of a better way for Steve to propose than a porpoise with a purpose!

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