Catherine and Ryan


How We Met: My first date with Ryan was my high schools winter formal. My best friend matched us up and the night couldn’t have gone better! Spring time came around and as a senior in high school, I knew I had my big college decision ahead of me. I chose to go to a small school tucked in the hills of Northern California. Ryan chose to stay in Nebraska and attend the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. (Go Huskers!) I was so sad that we wouldn’t be together but, in March of 2009, I made the best decision of my life… I wrote Ryan a letter and told him that I wanted to stay together through college. We had our ups and downs like any long distance relationship but, after 4 long years and countless visits to see one another, Ryan moved to California.

When Ryan decided he wanted to propose he called an old professor that I had sophomore year of college and arranged for him to set me up. My professor told me that he wanted me to meet him and help him plan an alumni reunion trip to Ireland. (Ryan knew I couldn’t resist this offer!) He told me to be on campus at 5pm Saturday, April 25th. I walked up to the scenic chapel that is the heart and soul of the campus and Ryan walked out of the front doors with a dozen pink roses in his hand. He read me the letter I wrote him from March 2009 and got down on one knee to propose. It was perfect! Three of my college friends were hiding in the bushes taking photos. We went to my apartment so I could change before dinner and we had some champagne.

When we got to Bridges Restaurant (shoutout, Mrs. Doubtfire) my roommate took a picture of us in front of the sign. She told me to look at the photo and when I did, I noticed my mom standing in the background photobombing us! Ryan had arranged for my parents to surprise me too! I couldn’t imagine the occasion without them there. It was a night that I will truly never forget.