Catherine and Ryan

How We Met

We met in 8th grade computer class, our relationship started off rocky with some immature flirting and making fun of each other. As we went into high school our friendship grew. After lots of flirting and talking we started dating the end of sophomore year! High school was filled with lots of football games, homecomings, proms, younglife camps, and endless memories! As college application season began we anticipated that we would break up since Ryan was staying in Cincinnati and I was heading to North Carolina. At the end of the summer before we left for school we rethought our planned breakup and just decided to re-evaluate at thanksgiving since we were not ready to let go of our relationship. The first semester was hard and we missed each other a lot. There were plenty teary FaceTime convos as we realized how much we missed each other. When we were reunited at thanksgiving we both decided we weren’t ready to let this go and we were going to re-evaluate in the spring. By the end of freshman year and we were still in love we decided okay, lets do this, lets commit to the long haul of long distance and see what God has in store for us. As we continued to grow and change into the man and woman that God created us to be we continued to grow together. College was filled with many long road trips, expensive plane rides, and countless facetime calls. As college came to and end we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, we would be back and living in the same city after 4 long but incredible years. The months we spent reunited were so sweet and full of so much joy, we continued to grow and 3 months after moving back Ryan got down on 1 knee and asked me to marry him. I said “yes yes a million times yes” We are so excited to see what the Lord has for us as we enter into the beautiful covenant of marriage!

how they asked

We were celebrating my birthday that day so I got to choose everything we did. I wanted to have breakfast together, go on a long walk, go to the farmers market, do some cooking, go bike riding, and just relax together. Ryan had planned a nice dinner that evening and so we parted ways and each got ready for a fancy dinner. As I was getting ready I was completely unsuspecting. My parents were out of town for a football game and one of my best friends was also out of town, I was not even thinking tonight could be the night. As Ryan picked me up I had giddy butterflies because it is always so fun to get dressed up for a fancy date with someone you love! Ryan said he had a fun place to go walk around before hand so we left a little before dinner. Driving there Ryan was super flustered but I just figured its because he has missed a turn since he is a little directionally challenged. We finally got to Eden park which I love (I was on a park kick this summer) and Ryan said he just wanted to walk around. We began walking and while we were just casually talking, we walked around a corner and saw the gazebo from a far, I said to Ryan “Aw look at all the photos hanging! It looks like someone is getting engaged” (this is not a joke this really happened!!!).

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He then said “yes lets go look” and I responded “well what if we ruin it, we should just watch.” He then assured me we should go look and I squealed as we got closer and realized that it was photos of us!!!!

We walked down memory lane since Ryan had hung up tons of photos from our 6.5 years of dating. Then Ryan looked at me and explained why he wanted to marry me, his intentions for our future, what he loved about me, the way he sees that the Lord has grown us in immeasurable ways, how he wants to lay down his life for me each day like Christ did for the church, and so many more sweet things.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I said “yes, yes, a million times yes!!” After a minute or so, his sisters and the photographers popped out! We celebrated with them and popped campaign! The photographers, Monica and Drew, then captured tons of beautiful photos of us!

We headed to an amazing dinner where I was still so excited I could barely eat. After dinner, Ryan told me that my parents weren’t really gone and they had come back to celebrate with his parents and sisters at his house. When we pulled up to his house “just our parents” was quite a lie!!! Dozens of our friends and family lined the driveway cheering for us and welcoming us to a beautiful party! The night was filled with amazing food and drinks, so many surprise guests including friends from college and family from out of town, and so much love. It was truly a magical night- one that we will never forget!

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 | Photographer