Catherine and Robin

Proposal Ideas Melbourne botanic gardens

How We Met

Robbie and I first met through a mutual friend who was trying to organise an acapella group (we’re both singers). We were both actually in relationships at the time so we started off purely as friends. A few months later, after our respective relationships had ended (convieniently around the same time but no connection) we were both cast in a production of Les Miserablés. At this point I really wasn’t looking for a relationship but Robbie was persistent! (And charming he likes to say). There may have been a drunken night where he was being pretty flirty over text and propositioned me right then saying “Oh and I’m not THAT drunk…Next time I see you I’m asking you out.” It seemed like I had no choice in the matter!!

So true to his word during the next rehearsal of Les Mis he asked me out and insisted he pick me up from my house (which was on the other side of town) and he came in to meet my parents before we left for the date. He took me to one of the most beautiful restaurants in Adelaide and we were the last to leave. We drove home in the most comfortable silence and we kissed (a lot) good night. We both knew after that night we were going to be stuck with each other for a while. It’s cliche but he’s the one I wasn’t expecting or looking for but he’s everything I ever dreamed of! We later moved to Melbourne together to study musical theatre full time making it nearly 4.5 years together now.

how they asked

We’d love you to watch the video first but here’s a little summary: I was expecting Robbie to pick me up from work and we were going to go out to dinner for some friends birthday celebrations. Instead, my best friend Steph turned up followed closely by a camera and walked straight up to me and handed me a note. The note said “hey beautiful, I bet you’re a bit unsure why Steph is at your work, handing you a note from me, although I imagine you have some idea! Don’t worry I’m not far away and I can’t wait to see you. Now follow Steph and remember, I love you”. We then walked through the city and along the way Robbie had planted numerous members of my family and close friends at different pit stops, each with a new letter from him.

Catherine's Proposal in Melbourne botanic gardens

The whole walk took us from my work in the Emporium shopping centre to the botanic gardens (about 15 minutes).

When I met up with my sister, her note was in the form of a video. It was from the Australian bachelorette Georgia and her partner Lee! I’m a bachelor tragic so their personalized message was almost the highlight of the day for me haha.

Near the end my parents were there to surprise me after flying over from Adelaide! They continued to walk with me, arms linked (with my little group following behind) when we turned a corner and walked up a hill and there was Robbie, standing about 50 metres away with a bouquet of flowers in his hands and rose petals all around him. It was such a beautiful proposal and we’re so lucky that our gorgeous friends captured the whole thing and created the most perfect video!

Our Video

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