Catherine and Marcus

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How We Met

The first time Marcus and I had met, my current roommate and I had gone to see a Ballet in downtown Baton Rouge. Leaving the theatre it started to pour; we ran into a nearby restaurant. Low and behold, guess who was our bartender? This is the day that his infamous nick name, “Cute Lucy’s Boy” (CLB for short) came to life. I flirted and smiled, and he did his best entertaining bartender.. but as the evening wrapped up we left numberless & nameless. It was probably for the best, because in two days I would fly back to the sunny dreamland I currently resided: Los Angeles CA. So years went by and life happened, but we had always remembered each others faces from that rainy afternoon. Two years ago, I moved back to Louisiana from California.

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Attending my boss’s surprise birthday party, my best friend runs up to me and says at a not so quiet decibel, “Look! it’s Cute Lucy’s Boy!” I glance over and there he was, standing at the end of the bar. She looked at me and said, “He is going to the next boy you date.” So with her pushing me forward, and some liquid courage in my hand.. I walked up to what I didn’t know then, would one day be my Fiancé. The two years following have been full of what I can only describe as pure bliss mixed with a lot of hot mess. Marcus has loved me in a way I didn’t know was possible, and I have to admit that is not always the easiest job. He laughs harder at my jokes than he should, and he understands the value iced coffee can add to a girls life. He also knows how to talk me down when the feisty Italian in me stirs. He is my best friend and he is an angel.

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how they asked

You know day dreams? The kind you have on a lengthy drive.. The day dreams that are so extravagant they’re called “dreams” for a reason? Well, my engagement was one of those. In my eyes it was nothing short of a fairytale. Which leads me to…

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10.6.17 – Our two year anniversary & the day the love of my life brought me to the home we are building, and asked if I wanted to build the rest of my life with him. We are closing on our first home in two weeks! Until Friday my favorite part of the house has been the kitchen. The place we would cook, entertain, whine over doing the dishes.. until now. Now, my favorite part is the back porch. Because this is the place where Marcus got down on one knee, and made me his forever companion. You see, all along I thought we were on our way to a nice dinner! Heck yea, a steak house?! Imma get me some lobster mac & cheese! This was his ploy to have me all fancied up. I’m not the type of gal who likes to be caught off guard.

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Right before dinner he says, “We need to stop by the new house real quick. That’s where your present is.” I’m thinking to myself, why is this kid keeping my present in a dark empty house?? That’s where you probably think I should’ve caught on… but nope, not a clue. We pull up to the house and he opens the car door. I follow him through the garage. Upon opening the door into the kitchen, I see the barren darkness illuminated with about a hundred tea candles. All lit and lined up along the counters. This was it. This was my McDreamy moment (for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans out there).

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With his hands on my back, he led me forward. At one point my legs just stopped working. I’m pretty sure he wondered to himself if I was in shock, or excited to see our appliances installed for the first time. We walked our way through the house, and out onto the back porch where I saw what I can describe as my wildest dreams. There were rustic tree stumps topped with candles, gold shining lanterns, white & pink flowers all over, dangling lights, and music playing in the background. A scene from a movie. I wish I could tell you about the part where he officially asked me.. but I think I blacked out!

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All I remember is the tears in his eyes. The next thing I know, he is standing up and putting a ring on my finger. MY finger! There was a bottle of champagne on ice, and a card from my best friends. It read, “Let’s pop some champagne because you’re becoming a Lasseigne!” [Lah-sane] The card was placed in front of two crystal flutes, with an “L” engraved at the top. I knew he had to have some help on this one!

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We toasted to us and danced in the candle light, my knees still shaking. And because you can’t “press pause” on even the most perfect moments in life, we blew out the candles, and said goodbye to the scene of a lifetime. As we drove away, my mind danced with excitement & thoughts of the decadent dinner ahead. So much so, that I didn’t realize we weren’t headed to the restaurant at all, but onto another surprise! A party filled with both of our families and closest friends. Friends from all over the country whom I thought I’d be experiencing this night without. I have to say, this part got the tears flowing even more! The smiles illuminating from the people we cherish most, is a vision I will never forget. Marcus had officially pulled off the engagement of my dreams! So with this I say, cheers to forever Darling!

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