Catherine and Jason | Engaged in Paris

Image 2 of Catherine and Jason | Engaged in Paris

How We Met: Jason and I both attended USC, and though we had many mutual friends, we remained complete strangers until our third year in college. Even then, when we did finally meet, it was brief and we parted ways, not realizing that next time we would see each other would be a year later… and far from the last time. I was in the throes of finals when I received a call from him, completely out of the blue, inviting me to a movie screening at the movie studio he was working at. I tried to thwart his invitation, intent on studying, but he persisted, and that evening, it was like meeting him for the time– I knew instantly that someone monumental had just walked into my life. On our next date, he spent the hours of the early evening peeling and slicing fruit for the first time to surprise me with at a sunset picnic on the beach, and as soon as we arrived, I spilled the entire contents of his labor all over the street. I guess it wasn’t enough to deter him, because many many dates and a scruffy dog later, we are at the beginning of something monumental together: planning a wedding!

How He Proposed: It was a whirlwind of a September– I spent one sleepless week at New York Fashion Week and the next sleepless set finishing up the very last of my classes. I had not even called myself a graduate of insomnia for twenty-four hours before Jason whisked me away to the City of Lights for an adventure we would not soon forget… and one that I would dream about forever.

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As avid travelers, day one is always our favorite. We arrive before the sun comes up and cavort into whichever direction our noses may lead us, abandoning both map and agenda. On day one in Paris, the smell of roses cajoled us into the Tuileries Garden just as the sun was setting. We walked hand in hand, slowly sipping in the sights and autumn air, not caring about anything or anyone but each other’s company. From the gardens we wandered to the River Seine’s wistful edge, found ourselves beneath the shade of the Arc du Carrousel, and peered into the glass Pyramid of the Louvre Museum’s courtyard. It was amongst the briars looking back into the Gardens where he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

The Tuileries Garden, we would later find out, roots itself in the very heart of the city, and was built almost five-hundred years ago for a Catherine by another name: Catherine de Medici. We spent the remainder of our trip drinking in the City of Lights and Love, laughing our way through the streets of Paris, and returned a slightly different pair than when we had first stepped foot on pebbled boulevard: newly engaged, and ready for life’s next adventure: marriage!

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