Catherine and Hunter

Image 1 of Catherine and Hunter

How We Met

We met in college, and dated our sophomore year. He had a a crush on me all of freshman year, and it took me that entire time to actually realize it. We broke up after sophomore year, and went separate ways for 5 YEARS. Over that half decade period, we always loved each other, but it was never the right place at the right time. He went active duty military for 5 years, and I finished college and my masters degree. We linked back up, and decided that night, we were staying together. And now we’ve ended up in the same, small North Georgia mountain town that we met in!

How They Asked

We were hiking on a mountain trail, in the same town we met in (and now live in). Another couple was with us while we were hiking. He was sneaking pictures of the ring right behind me while getting to the top of the trail. We made it to our destination and started taking couple pictures, and then he asked!