Catherine and Damien

How We Met

I lived in New York for most of my life and briefly moved away after high school. I missed it so much that I moved back in 2008. That’s when I met Damien through mutual friends. We became close over the next two years and we made the relationship official in 2010. I had written him a card to thank him for all he’s done for me and I ended it with, “I know I ask you for lots of things, but can I ask you one more thing?” Then he looked at me and asked me what I wanted to ask. I asked if he would be boyfriend, and he said yes!

Image 1 of Catherine and Damien

how they asked

On his birthday this year, I took him to a baseball game so he can see his favorite team, the Yankees, play. After the game, we went back to his parents’ house where we were celebrating his birthday with a barbeque. We had both gone to the backyard to help set up before guests arrived. As he was following behind me, I heard him say, “It’s time for me to give my birthday gift to myself.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I kept walking away. Then he asked me where I was going and I turned around to see him down on one knee with the ring in his hand. He asked me if I liked it, but I asked him if maybe he had something else he wanted to ask me. That’s when he popped the question, “Will you marry me?” and I said yes!

Image 2 of Catherine and Damien