Catherine and Curt's Golf Course Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Catherine and Curt's Golf Course Marriage ProposalHow We Met: 5 years ago in the summer my sister and I were playing golf at the Lapeer Country Club. We were just about to tee off on the 2nd hole when these two guys pulled up in a golf cart. They looked at us like we were crazy because we were teeing off from the men’s tees and we were walking, you could tell they didn’t want to play behind us. They asked to play through so we let them.

When they reached the green my sister and I teed off. My sister drove the green and almost hit them. As we were walking up we saw that they stayed behind, but we thought they were going to be mad for hitting into them. They said that they were so impressed with our golf game they asked to play the rest of the round with us. Curt was one of those guys and that is how we met.

I ended up leaving after that summer and going to Arizona my first year of College. We stayed in touch and when I came home to go to school in Michigan we met up again and started dating.

how they asked: On June 19th Curt wanted to take me golfing after work. I was so tired and was suppose to be looking for a new car that night instead so I wasn’t in the mood to golf. He was very persistent though because we had planned it a week in advance. So we went to the Lapeer Country Club which was nice because we hadn’t been there in awhile. So we got to the 2nd hole and both hit our tee shots, and as we drove to our golf balls he says to me ” looks like someone forgot to put the flag back in.” I looked around and since there was no one behind us I told him to drive up there. When we got to the green he asked if I would put it in and I said yes. As I was walking up there I noticed there were rose petalsin the shape of a heart around the hole and turned around to tell Curt.

Curt started to walk up behind me as I looked in the hole and saw a silver box. I started to cry as he pulled it out and got down on one knee.

The proposal was perfect it was so special because it was where we met 5 years ago and of course I said “yes”

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