Catherine and Corey

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How We Met

Corey and I met during our first year of medical school, specifically in our anatomy lab. Corey actually went to college and played football in my hometown, we had mutual friends, he lived 5 minutes away from my house, but our paths never crossed. I am an incredibly shy person and never go out of my way to introduce myself to someone, but for some reason, I felt compelled to stop Corey in his tracts during lab one morning and introduce myself. We realized our shared experiences in my hometown and those mutual friends. We established a great friendship that grew slowly over the next coming months, uncovering our shared interests, love of family and unrelatable humor. Corey was the persistent one that would text or call every day, asking if I wanted to go on a date, but I denied him, explaining I just wanted to focus on school. After a night out with friends, he broke down my defenses. He came over the next night, we ordered pizza and watched an action movie he had been telling me I needed to see for months. We spent the whole time talking through the movie, to this day I still haven’t seen. We have spent every day together since.

How They Asked

I had been at home in Ohio for the month for a medical school rotation. I woke up on Saturday with my family frantically cleaning, saying we were having family friends over. I didn’t think much of it. Eventually, my mother asked me to go out to the store with her later in the afternoon to help her grab some things before the guests arrived. When we returned, Corey was waiting in the front of my driveway, beaming. I could truly see his smile from a mile away. I began to cry and was dropped off and lead through my front driveway and childhood home to my backyard, in which he decorated with lights and pictures of our favorite memories. He walked me through all of the memories and asked to make more together, eventually getting down on one knee. I spent the whole time crying, unable to actually answer so I just nodded my head ‘yes’. We were so overjoyed and he had arranged for both of our families and all of our siblings to be there! It was so special to have such a big moment shared by both of our families. We are overjoyed and excited for our future together.

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