Catherine and Cooper

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How We Met

Cooper and I met in college (OU, Boomer!). We were in the same organization and saw each other at least 2-3 times a week. I was a transfer student and didn’t know too many people my first semester, so he and his close group of friends invited me to start tagging along with them. Over that first semester, we all spent practically every day together and I slowly started developing a tiny crush on Cooper. He made me laugh and smile and was always offering to help me out with random things I was stressing out about. It wasn’t until the last day before winter break that we actually hung out one-on-one for the first time. Without that happening, we probably would have gone a month without seeing each other and my small crush might’ve just faded. But something clicked that night. We stayed up till 5am just joking around and telling stories about our lives and families. Seeing him open up like that made me fall even harder for him.

He drove home the next morning (about 3 hours away) and texted me asking if I wanted to grab lunch when he came back in town a few days later. He was claimed he had plans with his friends and would just swing by real quick but later I realized he was just making an excuse to come see me – soo sneaky. Our first date was sushi and let me just say, I am NOT a fish person. But out of fear of seeming picky, I just agreed and said that sounds great. I tried to hide how freaked out I was but ended up loving our meal and now sushi is a favorite of mine. That’s just one small example of how he’s always encouraged me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

Over the next few months, I met and fell in love with his family, he flew out to Chicago to meet mine, and we were inseparable. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with after only a few weeks in. A little over two years later, he proposed.

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how they asked

A few weeks prior to his proposal, we both had a pretty rough wake-up call at our workplaces. Both of our companies had huge layoffs within a couple weeks of each other. However, both of us somehow managed to make it through with our jobs. Ultimately, this led to me being assigned to a new department that required me to fly to Houston every week for the next ten weeks. A few days prior to finding out this information, we had just adopted our first dog together! (Pictured below, his name is Murphy and he is our world.)

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It was quite an emotional roller-coaster but he promised he would support me and my career and take great care of Murphy while I was traveling. Apparently, towards the end of March, Cooper called off work, got his sister to agree to watch the dog, and made plans to drive all the way down to Houston to surprise me and propose where I was staying. AS LUCK SHOULD HAVE IT, I was absolutely thrilled to find out I was flying out a day earlier than usual and texted him right away about the news, having no idea that this was the week he planned on driving down. Change of plans. When I flew back to OKC that night, he suggested we go on a fun date the next day and get some quality time in together before I fly out again. We work within walking distance of each other so we met outside my office and started walking over to the restaurant through a beautiful park downtown, The Myriad Gardens. I was babbling about something that happened at work that day when we got to place where he stopped me, grabbed my hand, said my name, and looked into my eyes, and started telling me how much he loves me. My heart started racing and I swear everything that came next was a blur. The next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, holding the ring out, saying those four words I’d been waiting to hear since day one. “Will you marry me?”

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I started crying and said yes over and over again. His sister came out from behind some trees, snapping pictures of this life-changing moment. Other people walking around the gardens applauded and said congratulations, we waved and smiled and said thank you to all of them! After taking a few more pictures, we finished our walk to Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse and spent the whole night in a daze over what happened. We talked about who we were going to tell first, when we were going to call, how excited we were, all of those things. It was so perfect and I never would have even guessed he had to go with plan B! ;)

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