Catherine and Carter

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How We Met

I have known Carter my whole life. When I was first born we lived on the same street. We are both 1 of 5 siblings. We have gone to the same schools since preschool all the way through college. We were on the same swim team. We both ran on the same cross country team in high school. And I did a lot of extracurricular activities with his siblings. I have known Carter and his family for as long as I can remember. I always noticed him and knew who he was, but I never thought he saw me. I tease him now because in high school I voted for one of his best friend for homecoming king and not him! Our time to date was not until the day I finished graduate school, literally the day after I finished grad school.

Carter saw me at my sister’s wedding. He messaged me on LinkedIn a few days later. After a few weeks messaging back and forth we started texting. He was at a baseball game and he accidentally called me. I called him back. We started talking on the phone. It was effortless and I never wanted to hang up. We decided to meet up in Jacksonville to go on a date.

On June 17, 2017 Carter picked me up for our first date. It was perfect. We took out the paddle boards to Wicked Barley and then came back and watched Scandal. Just a quick suggestion, don’t watch Scandal with an attorney unless you are prepared to learn all the inaccuracies! Then my head started hurting. I didn’t want to say anything. I was having a great time with an amazing, attractive, Catholic man. Eventually I spoke up and Carter took me home. As we began to drive back I asked him to pull over. The closest thing to us was a Hooter’s, so I was the girl at 11pm, throwing up in the parking lot, in the rain. I thought I was good to go, unfortunately I was wrong and proceeded to throw up in his car. At this point I thought there was no way there was going to be another date, neither did my mom or sisters.

The next morning Carter asked me to go to Mass with his family (I was a little shocked given the night before I threw up in his car). While in the pew I realized two things, one there was a sense of peace, comfort, belonging, and completion, I felt in going to Mass with his family that I had never felt prior and I was really short next to his siblings. Shortly after that first weekend we began to date.

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On June 16, 2018 Carter took me out to the beach to watch the sunrise. We had been walking along the beach just hanging out and eventually decided to get the chairs from the car. We both love the early morning and being outside. When we sat down he pulled out a scrapbook of mementos he had collected the year we were dating starting with our first date (I guess he really did know from the first date). He included everything from pictures at my sisters wedding where he saw me. Our first conversations on Linkedln, pictures from our adventures, spoons he may or may not have microwaved. It was a book that really told a story of our year dating. On the last page he included a save the date for us. We are so excited to be getting married and continuing to grow our relationship.