Catherine and Brandon

Catherine and Brandon's Engagement in Punta Cana, DR

How We Met

Brandon and I were brought together by my aunt who worked with him at the local YMCA. He was a swim instructor and life guard, who happened to be on duty when I went with my aunt to pick up a paycheck. The day we met I was dressed in oversized sweats and a big ol’ bun on top of my head. He asked for my number right after I left, he had to ask someone else to get it for him!

how they asked

He took me to the Dominican for our first vacation together, on our first night he suggested a walk along the waters edge after dinner. While we walked, there was no one in sight, he asked if I knew that he would always take care of me, that he would always try to make me happy, I laughed and told him of course! We wouldn’t have been on that beautiful island without him doing both of those things. He smiled and kissed me, as we pulled apart he held a ring in front of me and told me that he should give me this then. I asked several times if he was sure, completely in shock, and he got on one knee and told me he loved me and couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of his life with me, would I marry him? I don’t remember answering but the next thing I knew he slipped the ring on my finger and pulled me in for a kiss. The rest of our trip was spent quietly enjoying our newly engaged status before coming home to a huge group of excited family and friends!

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