Catherine and Anthony

How We Met

We met in 2010 at our date’s prom, which was at a different school. He was someone’s date and I was my then boyfriend’s date. We exchanged Facebook a couple of weeks later when we saw it on the mutual friend’s list. We kept in touch. Freshman year of college, we hung out quite a bit at the beginning. We went to completely different colleges but I was always on his campus visiting my other friends so I’d stop to say hi to him and hang out for a little bit. We stopped talking too much when we both got busy with school and life.

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Fast forward 3 years, my boyfriend and I break up and heartbroken, I decided to play one of those Facebook games “who is your soulmate.” Funny enough, it was Anthony. I quickly snap chatted it to him because I thought it was funny since we haven’t really talked to each other much. He responded with “I knew it.” After that, we just kept talking until he made it official on 5/14/14 (14 is my favorite number and he waited till that day to ask). Fast forward, almost 6 years later, we decided it was time to take our relationship to the next level!

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Catherine's Proposal in Ho’omaluhia botanical garden

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Catherine and Anthony's Engagement in Ho’omaluhia botanical garden

How They Asked

I planned a trip to Hawaii for his birthday and a lot of our friends tagged along as well. We were a group of 11! On December 14, 2019, (again, the 14) we went to the botanical garden to take pictures. The girls were pretty adamant about me bringing a dress and wearing it for pictures so I did. As Anthony and I were taking our couple pictures, he told me needed to tell me something and proposed! Of course, I said “YES!”