Caterina and Blake


How We Met

Blake was a friend of my older brother. I was never interested in him more than knowing he was a really funny guy. Our lives went separate ways, I travelled, moved to Italy, taught in China and had just booked another ticket- one way to Italy, with not much intention of coming back (unknown to my family). Fate works mysteriously, as just the month before I crossed paths with Blake again I bought an investment property and was starting to think maybe I would just stay in Australia and only have a holiday.


Blake on the other hand was a party animal, heavily involved in football and always there to help his friends (still is!) He asked me out a few times before I finally said yes. I had previously mentioned I loved Christmas, so as a special date right at the beginning where I was unsure whether I wanted to date him, he researched where there were extremely decorated houses and took me on the most magical date a girl could hope for. That moment under the lights he still maintains he knew he would marry me and deep down I knew I would marry him too.


Blake has always given me those moments in life that money can’t pay for, and that’s what I love and makes us have such a great relationship. He stood by me when I was sick, surprises me all the time and in his not-so-perfect ways, is perfect for me.

how they asked

Blake told me we were going out for a romantic dinner because we never get time alone. My mother hassled me that night about everything I wore and how I did my make up and I was becoming frustrated as I just wanted to go and have dinner. Little did I know that 4 weeks before this moment he had asked my Father’s permission and my mum had kept it all a secret too. We went out for dinner to PinkSalt Double Bay and even all the staff knew what was happening that night!

After a pretty dinner out on the patio Blake said we would go home early to just enjoy being alone. On the way back to his home, he decided to call his father to see if he was ok. I thought that was really strange and became frustrated that we never get time alone and couldn’t understand why he was calling his dad, but I knew they had gone away and maybe he was being paranoid if they hadn’t arrived. Instead, his parents weren’t in Forster like I thought. They were turning on the lights Blake had set up during the day, and the phone call was code to get out. When I got to the front door, he blindfolded me and took me out the back. With music playing, candles everywhere and lights adorning the backyard, he got down on one knee and I couldn’t have been happier. He gave me the world with the ring and gave me romance and a private engagement, two things I wanted more than anything because that is what our relationship is about. He took me back to that moment at the Christmas Lights and gave me something that money will never be able to buy, pure thought and selflessness to create perfection.