Cate and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas is hands down my hero and is a Purple Heart veteran. He was on an Army intelligence deployment in Afghanistan back in 2015-2016. My best friend Katie who I had grown up with was also on the same deployment and were in the same unit. During their deployment, Thomas had messaged me on Facebook and we became pen pals. Katie basically told me, “He’s a really great guy and I think he would be perfect for you.” So when they came back from deployment he flew out to our hometown to finally meet! I knew that first weekend he was the one!

How They Asked

On Saturday Thomas Harms said, “Okay I have a whole adventure day planned tomorrow so be ready!”

Sunday morning was a gorgeous sunny day so we went to a couple of parks and conservation areas and just walked around. The third park we went to was Lemon Lake Park. We were deep into the woods on a trail when the skies turned very cloudy and grey and I said: “Uhh it’s going to rain we need to leave!”

We were getting closer to the parking lot when the wind started to really pick up, and in front of us on a trail, I see someone sprint across to try to get a plastic bag that was blowing away. I turned to Thomas and said “Hey isn’t that Ernie (our neighbor)?!” and then I noticed there were all these speckles of red in the sky!

As we approached closer I was able to make out that the speckles were rose petals in the shape of a heart and wooden letters that spelled “Will you marry me?”

I was trying my hardest to focus on what Thomas was saying but the wind had picked up so much that I had rose petals hitting me in the face and my hair was blowing everywhere that I think I just ended up laughing the entire time!

Needless to say, definitely a story in the books! It was messy and unpredictable but that is how this crazy adventure called life goes and I couldn’t be more excited to get to spend it with my best friend!

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