Cate and Ben

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How We Met

We both attended Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, yet never met while we were in school. Three years after I’d graduated, we both ended up in Seattle and doing what one does: swiping on Tinder. We chatted via the screen for a few days, which led to him inviting me to a Halloween party. Not completely sold yet, I left it up to the Uber driver in deciding whether to take me downtown or to this Gonzaga party with a good lookin’ guy and free beer. The driver took me straight to Ben’s house. We’re still trying to find the driver’s info so we can invite him the wedding!

how they asked

We’re no strangers to on a whim zip code changes- 6 months into dating, I got a job offer to teach at an international school in South Korea. That same day, my then-boyfriend Ben drafted resignation letters for both of his jobs and started studying Korean. We moved in August of 2016 and are still super obsessed with the path we’ve chosen. Since then, Ben has worked his tail off to get both his TEFL and teaching certifications; we’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines together. Jump to November 2017. Ben had planned a “staycation” for the upcoming long weekend on Airport Island, about a 1/2 hour outside of the city where we live and the convenient location of Incheon International Airport. He described the traditional Korean home we would stay in, the rainy beach walks we’d take, and the nice dinner we’d devour to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Friday morning arrived and we planned to grab Starbucks at the airport before heading to our place on the island; once there, Ben steered me away from an Americano and towards the Air France check-in counter, grinning like crazy while informing me “We’re going to Paris. Happy 2 years!” 14+ hours later we walked up the subway steps and out into a brisk Parisian sunset, Notre Dame glowing and pigeons dancing in the courtyard in front. Magic, magic, magic.

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We made it to our hotel and changed for dinner later. Prior to our reservation, Ben and I decided we had to sneak into Shakespeare and Company, my favorite bookstore. We browsed for an hour and were in heaven. The bookstore has a cafe attached, so we headed there to grab some wine and espressos to ring in the chilly evening. As soon as we sat down, Ben had another surprise: “I made you something at school.” He proceeded to pull out signs he’d made (Love Actually style) and held them up, one by one, ending with the best o’ the best: “Can I follow you around the world forever?” You bet, kid. We get married in September of 2018 and cannot wait.

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