Cate and Asmir


how we met

Cate: Asmir and I met in first-year at Brock University in 2011 in our English Literature class when our mutual friend Carly introduced us. As cliché as it sounds, I was instantly drawn to him after only a few minutes of talking.

Asmir: I remember being very attracted to you in many ways.

Cate: Not long after, I messaged Carly asking her if she could tell him that I thought he was handsome and after a few months of flirtatious conversations, we exchanged numbers.

Asmir: Actually, I put my number in her phone one day in class under the pseudonym ‘Sexy Beast’.

Cate: Our first date was outside of the lecture hall complex, sitting on these large boulders above a water fall, talking and playfully throwing pebbles at each other. It all sounds so adolescent but I loved that he made me feel at ease and that he didn’t take life too seriously, which is reflective of our entire relationship.

Asmir: The most amazing thing for us is that everything seemed so natural and that we were always on the same wavelength. It was as if we had known each other for a life time.

how they asked

Cate: We had been talking about marriage since our first summer together in 2012. We kind of carried that innocence in relationships with us throughout these last several years, but we’ve always been serious about where we were headed together.

Asmir: I didn’t doubt for a second that she is the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with. The ball really started rolling this summer when she was living in St. Catharines and I was preparing to move to Toronto. I didn’t like the idea of being apart from her.

Cate: Neither did I. And I am not one for surprises, I always like to be ‘in-the-know’.

Asmir: Which made it difficult to surprise her because she was always asking me questions to try and get hints and figure it all out.

Cate: In August, my sister Celyn thought of the idea to go to New York City for a Coldplay concert in September. I was excited when my family agreed to it and even asked Asmir to come along.

Asmir: I knew I had to propose there. It’s not every day that we get to do big things like this, especially being fresh out of university this past June. All I could think about was, ‘Where would be a nice place, a memorable place, to propose?’

Cate: We didn’t end up getting to go to the concert, but we spent that 3-day trip exploring Time Square, viewing Lower Manhattan from a cruise, and riding bikes around Central Park.

Asmir: And that’s where I did it.

Cate: There’s this spot in the park where I remember a scene from Home Alone 2 was filmed. Kevin McCallister ran down these steps and through these arches, getting into the back of a horse and carriage ride so he could hide. It was right in front of the Bethesda Fountain.

Asmir: I proposed right under the arches all while her sister was taking candid pictures of us. She knew I was planning on proposing that day, but didn’t know exactly when.

Cate: All of a sudden, he started saying the most beautiful things about me and our relationship.

Asmir:  I was so scared and the experience was nerve-wracking, but at the same time, I felt very overcome with love. I had planned what to say beforehand, but I just decided to speak and say what I felt and thought in that moment.

Cate: While all of this was happening, my sister is yelling things at us, trying to get our attention, asking ‘Is that enough pictures?! Hello?! Look at me!’

Asmir: She was definitely a distraction.

Cate: And then he got down on one knee and asked me! I swear I could have cried right there and then.

Asmir: Thankfully she said yes!

Cate: Of course I said yes! Even though we’re both pretty young, I can’t imagine waiting any longer to be married to him.

Asmir: She is my most darling love. I can’t wait to spend to spend the rest of our lives together.