Catalina and Steven

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How We Met

We met on Bumble. When I first started online dating, I wasn’t on the app a lot and I didn’t turn on the notifications. There was this one particular guy I noticed that kept messaging me even though I wasn’t responding. After like two weeks of not responding, he somehow found me on social media. I never gave him any personal information nor did I use my full name. I got really creeped out, blocked him, and deleted the app. Scared me out of ever dating.

I don’t know why I decided to give online dating another try after that first experience but I’m glad I did because I met Steven. I lived in LA and his profile happened to pop up in my feed because I opened the app when I was in OC with my cousins the day prior. At first glance, he looked like a total heartbreaker and the top of his profile also read, “Please do not send vaginal pics.”I have to admit that it caught my attention so I swiped right to ask if girls really sent him vaginal pics.

After a few days of chatting, I asked to hang out but he replied he was busy and we can hang the week after (I’ll tell the story later why he was busy). Later on, he messaged me back saying his plans ended early and he can come to hang out in LA. I offered to drive since he drove about 25 miles from OC but on the ride to LA, he kept saying how I was probably going to take him to an abandoned area and murder him. He literally kept saying this throughout the car ride and to be honest in my head I really want to just so he could shut up about it! I was already a bit annoyed and wanted to end the night early. We ended up at a bar and had a really great time. We connected really well and I guess that was it.

Remember when I first asked him to hang out and he said he was busy? A year later I found out he was on another date and it sucked.

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How They Asked

It started out like any other Sunday and we were getting ready to go on a double date with my sister and a friend of his that he set her up with. I just knew we were going somewhere in LA but I wasn’t exactly sure where. We found parking at a structure and when we walked up, I realized where we were. He brought me to an outdoor terrace at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

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Our family and a few friends were hiding the whole time popped out after he asked. We laughed and cried, it was the sweetest moment ever. I lost my dad when I was 25 and I told Steven the story about how my dad drove 2500 miles from New York to Los Angeles to propose. He took her to a lounge at the top of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel that overlooks the city of Los Angeles and asked her to marry him. The lounge was closed due to COVID-19 so he had to improvise. He knew this place held sentimental value to me and it couldn’t be any more perfect.

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