Catalina and Shadesh

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How We Met

We met at our first job out of high school.

How They Asked

Shadesh and I have been dating 10 years. Back in March, we planned a trip to Marrakech and Madrid. I had done a similar trip before dating Shadesh and I knew that he would love the energy of Marrakech’s Médina and the beauty of Madrid. A few days before our trip, he said that he had made plans for one day in each City. After our first full day in Marrakech, he said he had plans for the next day and that I should be ready by 3:45 pm. On the morning of, while getting dressed, I couldn’t stop the butterflies in my stomach. Before the trip, all of our family and friends kept asking whether I thought that he would be proposing during the trip. Our ride promptly arrived and drove us out of the Médina and into the desert. We came to a stop at a luxurious camp site with glorious white tents, ornate lanterns and sitting areas, and beautiful views of the Agafay desert. I thought: “This is it!” But Shadesh had other plans. When I asked what we were doing here, Shadesh said “we’re going on a camel ride.” Let’s just say that was not the response I was expecting and I begrudgingly accepted. As we rode our camels, I noticed that Shadesh was nervous, trying to make small talk and jokes. Our camels travelled about half a mile when I looked to my right and saw a beautiful gazebo high on a peak draped in white. After dating so long, surprises are pretty hard, but the tears began instantly. At the gazebo, on one knee, Shadesh asked me to be his life partner and I couldn’t scream “Yes” any louder. Shadesh shared a letter with me that he had written and a note from my mom. We spent the evening in the desert, dancing under the stars, and I couldn’t help but wonder how I got so lucky.

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Scarabeo Camp
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