Catalina and Daniel

How We Met

How we met is actually kind of funny. I was out at a bar in Delray Beach, FL with a friend when she said she had recognized this guy from a mutual friend. I thought he was cute and he was with one of his guy friends, perfect! They came over to us and introduced themselves, Daniel and Moshe.

After chatting for a bit we told them we were off to the next bar where they were welcome to join us. Off we went but not before exchanging numbers. And of course, they met us there where Daniel and I danced and shared our first (drunken) kiss. I know, I know haha.

The boys wanted to leave and invited us in their Uber but I didn’t want to ruin anything by going too fast so we declined and left. Daniel then sent me a mirror selfie of him shirtless so I decided not to respond because I wanted something serious, not a toy haha. So it ended there.

Two months later at the same bar with the same friend in walks in Daniel and Moshe! Daniel and I chatted for maybe 5 minutes before we were making out again haha.

After that Daniel said he decided not to let me get away this time. We dated for a few months before making it “official” and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Let me start by saying, I messed up my own proposal lol.

I came home from work one day and Daniel says to me “we need a vacation. Let’s go back to Tennessee”. We fell in love with Tennessee and the mountains when we escaped a hurricane and fled there. I didn’t really think anything of it and said “sure!”.

We love road trips so we decided to drive from South Florida to Tennessee. We decided to break up our trip and stop in Orlando to see my sister and her husband.

On our way up (ironically) Bruno Mars’ “Marry you” came on to which I decided to belt it out while Daniel rolled his eyes (little did I know!!).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Orlando, Fl at my sister’s house

When we arrived at Orlando we grabbed dinner with my sister and her husband. When it was time to leave Daniel got a “stomachache”. My sister and brother in law said they’d take off before us and we’d meet them at there house. Daniel came back 10 minutes later and we were off.

When we arrived at my sister’s I was distracted by her dogs while Daniel when out on the patio. I hear him say “Oh Maria, TJ, I really like what you guys did out here! Honey come look”. As I walked out there were twinkling lights and candles burning and Daniel with a GIANT smile on his face.

Now anyone that knows me knows I’m a prankster but I HATE being pranked. So when I saw Daniel I immediately thought he was going to mess with me a fake propose (BECAUSE HES DONE IT BEFORE!) so I ran back inside the house yelling at him “Go away! You’re so annoying!”. Here’s my boyfriend in his most vulnerable state and I told him to go away!

He ran inside to grab a hold on me because I didn’t want to give in to his joke. He started to mutter out his speech then down on his knee he went and I STILL didn’t believe him. Until he pulled out the ring! Then I was like “HOLY CRAP. THIS. IS. REAL”. He caught off guard completely. And that doesn’t happen. No one can surprise me because I always figure things out.

Catalina's Proposal in Orlando, Fl at my sister’s house

After everything settled Daniel later told me he wanted to propose when we were hiking but I told him this was perfect. In front of my family and luckily caught on camera! Plus I totally would have caught on to his nerves during the hike and probably figured out what was happening.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Maria & TJ Iddings (my sister and brother in law)
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