Cat and Johnson

How We Met: Johnson and I met in high schoolImage 1 of Cat and Johnson my junior year when my best friend and his friend set us up on a blind date. The date was May 7, 2015 on a Saturday day which started at a bbq near my house.

We both we’re awkward and shy but there was an instant spark. Johnson decided it was a good idea to take me to a scary movie, House of Wax.

He found out that day that I hate scary movies. During one of the scenes, I bit him because I was so scared.

He gave me a smile like it was nothing and I knew I could be myself around him. That was how our relationship started and we’ve been together ever since…

how they asked: This year marked our 10 year anniversary. We decided to travel to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate. We arrived on Friday, tired and hungry and luckily Johnson had made reservations for a nice dinner. We got dressed up and headed to Grouse Mountain. It was beautiful place. The restaurant was set up on top of a Mountain where you had the option to hike there or take a skyride. We rode the skyride up to the restaurant. It was an amazing view and the setting was beautiful. To be able to look over the city of Vancouver was breathtaking. However, dinner was unsatisfying because my tummy was still hungry.

After dinner, Johnson wanted to go for a walk around the hikers path. We stopped at the edge of the mountain to catch the sunset and talk about our 10 year anniversary. As we were looking off into the beautiful sky, Johnson asked “what can make this moment better”. Not getting the message, I told him “more food!” LOL. But, at that moment, I felt him let go of my waist so I turned around and Johnson was on his knees telling me how much he loved me.

Image 2 of Cat and Johnson

I began balling like a baby and struggled saying a word until I finally said “YES!”. I felt like the luckiest girl ever!!! I did not see this coming at all and didn’t think he could ever surprise me after being together for 10 years. What was more unbelievable was that he had this planned out a year ago but always brushed aside any conversations we had about marriage. Johnson Phuoc Phan, you are the best thing that ever happen to me.