Cat and Daniel

Cat and Daniel's Engagement in Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

How We Met

Daniel and I met at a Halloween party in college at the University of Colorado. I thought he was a normal, shy boy but when we kissed, I saw fireworks. We talked and met up in secret for a few months before he finally found the courage to ask me out. When I graduated and moved back to California, we were both devastated. We didn’t know if we could work long distance. Our love for each other and our dedication to making our relationship work allowed us to find harmony apart for a year and a half.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

Proposal Ideas Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

Where to Propose in Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

Where to Propose in Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

When he asked me to move in with him after two years of dating, I was over the moon. Our countless adventures and memories are a testament to how much fun we have with each other. Daniel always manages to make me laugh and we have managed to pull strong through love, loss, and unprecedented challenges. When his mother passed last year, I wondered if our love could once again persevere. We found solace and strength in each other and became stronger than before. Daniel is my best friend in the whole world and I believe our honesty, love, and teamwork will be the glue that binds us together forever.

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How They Asked

In my mind, we were having a sixth-anniversary dinner. The location was a secret, and my family would not offer any details when I asked if it could be ‘the date.’ We left our apartment during a lovely cotton candy sunset, which Daniel later mentioned as a ‘blessing’ from his recently deceased mother, whom we were still grieving for. When we entered the restaurant, I was surprised to see that it was the location of our first-anniversary dinner, across from Union Station in Denver. The hostesses at the Venice Ristorante smiled when they silently read our reservation information, and, looking back, I can see why. Our table was situated next to the wine display, which was fine with me.

Cat's Proposal in Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, Denver

Daniel was more quiet than usual during dinner, and I felt the urge to end the night early and return home. When he came back from a quick ‘trip to the restroom’, however, his mood was lifted and the restaurant lighting started to dim. People gathered around our table and Daniel began to pull a box out of his pocket. I honestly cannot remember his exact words as he got down on one knee because I immediately burst into tears. Words escaped me for what seemed like an eternity.

When I regained my composure and said yes, the restaurant patrons erupted in cheers and applause. The table next to us sent us a bottle of Dom Perignon. The waitress also delivered lovely desserts and specialty drinks. The rest of the night was the most beautiful blur as congratulations poured into my phone from loved ones. Sure enough, my family had known of the event for weeks. My best friend would later say that Daniel solicited her advice when picking out the ring. That night will remain one of the happiest moments of our lives.

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