Cassy and Jason

Wedding Proposal Ideas in on our couch in front of our Christmas tree

How We Met

We met 7 years ago working together. Jason and I started out as friends. Often working together on different projects or rather problems! We worked one Saturday together and he offered lunch (he was going to expense it!). We went with this local Vietnamese restaurant for some takeout. When he came to my office to get my order he was awkwardly holding a clipboard over his shorts. I asked what he was doing? Checking my productivity? He replied with, “I ripped a hole in my shorts while I was leaning back in my chair. I didn’t want it to be obvious.” I told him it was WAY more obvious holding a clipboard awkwardly over his shorts. He laughed and grabbed my order and left to pick it up. We ate our lunch in our own offices and went about with our work. A few hours later, he emailed me asking what the fortune was in my fortune cookie. I replied, “luck favors the prepared, bring spare pants.” That next week, he took me out to lunch proper and we started dating shortly after. He claims it was my humor that got him!

Cassy's Proposal in on our couch in front of our Christmas tree

How They Asked

It was late Christmas Eve, we had just finished wrapping gifts and was well into our second bottle of wine. Jason asked if I wanted to open a gift. I kept asking if he was sure, you see, he historically was against opening any gifts BEFORE Christmas. I grew up opening a gift on Christmas Eve; now it was always a new set of Christmas themed pajamas and a mug for hot cocoa, but that tradition has stuck with me! He handed me a circular box and as I started to unwrap it, I saw the word ‘CITIZEN’ embossed on it and I about panicked! A nice watch!? I love my Apple Watch, but for nice dinner occasions or parties, I wanted a nice, less clunky watch to wear. That is until I opened it. It had a large clock face, it was matte black, and had the biggest links I’d ever seen and then it hit me… he got me a men’s watch! I tried to be gracious and kind of meekly said: “this is a men’s watch.” He replied, “OH, that’s MY watch… this is your gift” and pulls a ring out. I was so dumbfounded, I just sat there looking at him. I didn’t realize he had already asked: “Will you marry me?” He had to ask twice! I leaped off the couch and wrapped my arms around him as he fell back onto the floor and immediately said yes while I was crying. And that is how they asked… well, asked twice!