Cassy and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I met through Tinder in the fall of 2014. At first, I was so embarrassed to tell anyone, but after a while it has become funny that I met this awesome guy through a rather arbitrary app on my phone. Despite the fact that I had tinder on my phone (thanks friends), I felt completely uninterested in being in a relationship. I had just changed my major, I was super busy with volleyball, and I was leaving on a month long trip to Greece right after Christmas.

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Cody asked me out on three dates before I finally agreed to meet him for dinner. He picked a restaurant that was on my way home from work, that he knew I would drive by, and it was pretty hard to resist. I talk a lot and ask a lot of questions without thinking. This is especially true when I first meet someone. At one point during this date, Cody began to quietly laugh at me. I was struck with nerves. I asked him why he was giggling and he brushed it off, saying it was nothing. But I didn’t like that answer. I asked him if I had said something stupid? Did I have something in between my teeth? What did I do? He finally blurted out, ‘you just ask so many questions, it funny, I’ve never had someone interrogate me on a first date.’ Shoot, I thought. He thinks I’m crazy. Fortunately for me, he didn’t think I was crazy, he actually thought it was a great first date, and insisted on a second. We went on about half a dozen dates before I set off for Greece to participate in a short-term study abroad program. When I left, I wasn’t even sure if he was my boyfriend. I remember sitting at dinner on the first night, chatting with my new friends, and not knowing what to call Cody. What I did not expect, is how much I would miss this guy who I barely knew. When I came home in the end of January, my parents were out of town, and Cody insisted on picking me up from the airport. He greeted me with chocolate (my favorite) and the sweetest embrace. Within one week of being home, I took him to meet my parents, we had exchanged “I love you’s” and the girl who didn’t want a relationship was long gone. Within the first few months of dating, I knew I was meant to be with Cody, am I am so, so happy I was right.

how they asked

My family friends had been offering for us to stay at their house in North Miami Beach, and we finally took them up on that offer, with our trip in the beginning of June. I thought the trip was to loosely celebrate my birthday and my graduation from college, but I had no idea we would be celebrating our engagement. Key West has been on my bucket list for years, so we planned a day trip to the Keys. I couldn’t have been more excited. We set off toward Key West armed with gas station snacks and lots of water. We stopped at John Pennekamp State Park, as well as many other random places along the one lane road. The waters were the most magical blue-green.

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We arrived in Key West mid-afternoon and our stomachs were grumbling. After fueling up at the Southernmost Café, we wandered the streets of Key West for a couple of hours before making the long journey back to North Miami. On the way back, we made a few more stops, and realized we would still be firmly in the Keys during sunset. Cody being Cody, doesn’t plan anything, and it (almost) always works out in his favor. He found the most beautiful little beach in Islamorada for us to watch the sunset on. There was a little café on side, and a B&B on the other.

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I was so distracted taking pictures of the sunset, I had not realized he asked a random guy on the beach to take a photo for us. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee, I had a ring on my finger, and I was so happy I couldn’t help but cry.

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After calling our families, we sat down at the café and shared a slice of key lime pie to the sound of the ocean and live music. There couldn’t have been two happier souls on that beach than us. I was already thrilled to have had such an awesome day exploring the Keys, but making a promise to marry my best friend will forever make June 3rd, one of our best days. We spent the rest of our trip filled to the brim with joy and happiness as we adventured around Miami and to Biscayne and Everglades National Parks.

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