Cassin and Barry

How We Met

I was working at a restaurant in Brooklyn the summer before my last semester of college. After I graduated college in 2012 I was broke so I asked for my job back at the restaurant. Barry was now the bartender there and if there were nights that were dead we used to hang out and just talk. We stayed back a couple times and had a couple of drinks after our shifts. One night when we were staying back, he asked me if I wanted to grab dinner with him one night during the week. I, of course said yes. We went on our first date a couple days after that and have been together ever since.

how they asked

March 20 was a long day. I was working in a school and had two tutoring sessions and I was exhausted and Barry said that we should just grab some dinner and I was fine with that. Usually we go to this Thai place that we love, but we ended up going down by the Brooklyn Bridge and I was so confused why we were going this way and he said that he had a different place in mind.

Image 1 of Cassin and Barry

So we were walking down under the Brooklyn Bridge and I had to stop and sit down to get something out of my shoe. As I was getting something out of my shoe he asked a woman who was walking by to take a picture of us. When I got up and started walking again, Barry stopped me and got down on one knee and proposed and I said yes!!!

Image 2 of Cassin and Barry