Cassie and Nic

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

How We Met

Nic and I met 5 years ago while attending St. Cloud State University. We went on a few casual dates and then went on our own paths. Fast forward to the Summer of 2017, when Nic invited me out to spend the day on the lake with him. It was almost as if those years apart never happened. Shortly after, Nic asked me to officially be his girlfriend over sushi and a fun night at Valleyscare. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Nic planned a weekend getaway up to explore the North Shore. We headed up early Saturday morning with our first stop at Gooseberry Falls State Park. After walking around taking in all of the sights we came to a bridge where Nic looked at me and started to get down on one knee. I gasped “Are you serious?!” Nic proceeded to say “No I’m just kidding”. I stomped off and refused to talk to him for the next 15 minutes. We left the park hand in hand off to the next stop. We explored the Splitrock Lighthouse grounds and then headed down the stairs to the beach where Nic insisted we walk out the point. There he asked me to hold the camera while he put his gloves back on. Little did I know he was reaching into his pocket to pull out a little black box. He got down on one knee (for real this time) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. My first reaction was “Are you serious this time?” After many happy tears I was able to blurt out “YES YES YES!!!”

Where to Propose in Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

We are so excited about our future together and for all of our friends and family to join in celebrating the most magical day of our lives.