Cassie and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler I grew up in the same small town in Ohio and even went to the same high school. Despite this, we were only ever mutual friends and when Tyler graduated I assumed that would be the last I saw of him. Coincidentally, we both went to the same college and by a strike of luck we ran into each other (quite literally I might add) during Tyler’s last semester of his senior year at Wright State University. At this time I had recently broken up with a long-term boyfriend, whom Tyler knew of. In our passing he asked me how that relationship was going, and he seemed very pleased to hear that I had moved on. Like the gentlemen he is, Tyler asked if I would like to go on a date with him sometime, to which I eagerly agreed. We exchanged numbers and two days later we went on what would be the last first dates of our lives. Tyler shortly after graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and later that year we “made it official” and even travelled to Punta Cana.

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In 2016 we moved into a rental home, I graduated from Wright State with a Bachelor’s in English Education, and we travelled to Amsterdam and Paris during the holiday season.

This year, I started graduate school and we decided to buy our first home. At this time I thought life couldn’t be any more fulfilling than it already was. However, unbeknownst to me, Tyler had quite the surprise planned.

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On October 2, 2017, after a long and frustrating day of grad school, I was looking forward to watching Tyler perform at a local bar’s regular open-mic night with some of our closest friends. What I didn’t know, was that Tyler had planned the most amazing proposal that was beyond what anyone could ever dream of.

After arriving at Ollie’s and ordering a few appetizers and drinks, our friends began to trickle in. For a little over an hour we laughed, socialized, and reminisced on some of our favorite open-mic performances. When Tyler finally took the stage, I was relaxed and in my element–this is my happy place. At this point in our relationship I was beyond familiar with Tyler’s entire set. In fact, I consider myself his biggest fan. As he played, I sang along to all the words of his original songs and thought to myself, as I always do when I watch him perform, that I couldn’t be more proud of him.

At the end of his set, he announced that he had one final song–a new song that he was dedicating to someone who reminds him that no matter how tough life may get, he is never alone. He said, “Cassie, this one’s for you.” Tyler then performed the most beautifully written song I have ever heard, and ended it with the lines, “Take this rose and come with me. Follow close, don’t leave. Take this rose and come with me. Take this oath and marry me.”

To this day I cannot watch our proposal video, or hear Tyler perform that song, without crying. I will never be able to thank him enough for planning and executing the most amazing proposal, which was also happens to be the happiest moment of my entire life.

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