Cassie and Trey

How We Met

We met on the dance floor in a little college bar as I taught him how to “wobble”. To this day he will tell you that “he does not dance.” I am forever grateful that V.I.C.’s famous song lured him to the dance floor that night!

how they asked

The day he asked started as an ordinary day with plans to meet my family for lunch. When we arrived at my family’s house everyone was not ready leave, so he asked if we could go for a walk on the dock while we waited on them. Out on the dock, he dropped to one knee and asked the question I had been waiting almost five years to answer. Of course, I said YES and wanted to tear up and have my moment, but he quickly popped up and informed me that I didn’t have time to cry.

He slipped the ring on my finger and hurried me back up the dock and down the street to a restaurant where all of our friends and family were waiting to celebrate with us! He is a very private person, while I am very close with friends and family. The day was perfect as he incorporated both of our preferences. We enjoyed our intimate moment, just the two of us, then were able to share it with those closest to us.

Special Thanks

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