Cassie and Travis

how we met

Travis and I met during my undergraduate career in Bristol, Tennessee. After our time in Tennessee I moved on to graduate school in Virginia and he moved on to South Carolina to continue pursuing his collegiate coaching career. As time went on we connected again and it has been history since. There were times where we were seven hours apart due to me being in graduate school and him working in South Carolina. These times were hard, sad, and I thought they would never end. I hoped and prayed for the day to come that we would be less than 400 miles apart, and that day had finally come.

how they asked

Fast forward, it was a casual weekend in December, with snow in the forecast, which is a HUGE curveball in the state of South Carolina. I had the entire weekend planned to go and tour my new home of downtown Greenville, eat at a local restaurant and walk across the ever so popular Liberty Bridge on the Reedy River. Boy, was I wrong, we ended up leaving my apartment at 3:20pm on the dot, drove to downtown Greenville while Travis “insisted” we park in a particular public parking lot, walk a “specific” route and finally made it to the entrance of the Liberty Bridge. I was soooo excited with this being the first time I could see this beauty. While walking out toward the middle of the bridge Travis was fiddling with a broken umbrella and all I was trying to do was to take our selfie with the waterfalls in the background—fast forward a couple seconds after I approve our selfie, I turn around and Travis was down on one knee with the MOST AMAZING beautiful oval shaped diamond ring I could have ever imagined! That wasn’t the end of the dream- this was ALL captured on camera by one of the most well sought out photographers in Greenville, SC- Christa Renee Photography. I was in complete shock, standing there with my hands over my mouth, my heart beating out of my chest, tears rolling down my cheeks and a snowy mix falling from the sky. That still wasn’t the end- my parents were standing at the other end of the bridge because my mom persisted to say prior to all of this that “it was too windy and cold to walk out to the middle”, so there they stood and then I turn around and Travis’ parents are standing right beside my parents; he snuck them up to SC all the way from GA without me knowing- backtrack a little prior to the proposal- while walking down to the entrance of the bridge we pass a cute little coffee shop called “Spill the Beans”, with my love of coffee and the cold weather, I had said that we should stop for coffee, but Travis insisted that we could do that after we took a stroll on the bridge- long story short- that was where his parents were hiding prior to the proposal!! Still wasn’t the end- it was time for our surprise engagement shoot immediately following our proposal, Christa and her husband were so amazing while capturing the raw emotion that Travis and I were feeling after this most amazing day of our lives. To end the night, Travis had made reservations at a popular local restaurant by candlelight in downtown, where we spent time with our parents and reminiscing amount the most amazing moments. This proposal was nothing short of perfect.

Special Thanks

Christa Rene Photography
 | Photography
Falls Park
 | Location