Cassie and Tom

How We Met

Tom and I went to the same school in 5th grade, although i didn’t really notice him until 8th grade math class. He was just the cute boy sitting against the wall. I used to draw hearts around his name and get butterflies every time the teacher called his name. In High school i didn’t see him much at all, but senior year we were in the same English class. After high school i lost contact with him until my friend said her work was hiring. No sooner did i get the job i found out Tom worked there. He was still so handsome and funny, i couldn’t help but like him. He didn’t talk much to anyone beside making jokes, so i assumed he wasn’t interested after my attempts of flirting. I got into a dysfunctional relationship with another guy, after he broke me i promised myself i wouldn’t look for ‘love’ or anyone kind of relationship for awhile. Turns out one of the training classes fell on Toms birthday, i wished him a happy birthday in person at training and that when it happened. The look he gave me, the smile, the way he said thank you, i knew he was the one. After years of just thinking he was the cute boy in school, he turned out to be the love of my life.Image 1 of Cassie and Tom

how they asked

I worked at Meijer at the time, and tom came up to visit every chance he could. One day he brought me in fro-yo and told me he has the best birthday surprise ill ever get the day before. (March 21st is my birthday, and March 20th is the day he proposed.) So that whole week i barely saw him, as him and his best friend were working on ‘my surprise’. On Friday March 20th 2015,Tom woke me up at around 8am, and told me he made me breakfast. I got up and opened the door to find streamers and balloons lining the hallway to the kitchen. I sat down in front of my breakfast and a card was placed on the table and he told me to read the card before i eat. I opened it and the front said “To My Loving Wife”, I laughed thinking it was just a cute joke.

I read the inside of the card, he had written something long, explaining how he felt about me and how much he loved and appreciated me. At the very bottom of the card he said in capitols “NOW PLEASE STAND UP”, without a thought i jumped up and looked away from the card to see him kneeling before me, almost in tears. He looked at me and said, “Cassie, will you marry me?”. I started crying, so many emotions raced through my head, i had a happiness overload high going all day. We carried on to the city shortly after that, to do other things for my birthday. Once we got back home we headed over to his best friends, and also surprised me with a fire pit, handmade, in the shape of ring. My heart throbbed knowing i found true bliss and happiness.

Image 2 of Cassie and Tom